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Things to Do at School When Bored

Sujata Iyer
Ever been so bored at school that you didn't know what to do? Well then, have I got the answer for you! Read on, you'll love it!
Sometimes, school can get boring. What with all the never-ending afternoon lectures and some seemingly absurd lessons that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Here is an attempt to eradicate this highly disturbing phenomenon from the classroom. Read ahead and try some of the activities mentioned and know exactly what to do when you're bored at school!
*Disclaimer: All the teachers reading were also school going kids, once. So don't take anything personally!

*Warning: Some of these activities may cause high levels of annoyance to teachers and co-students.

Drive the Boredom Away

  • Jump up and down, holding your side, laughing loudly and shouting, "Oh! Now I get it!"
  • Pretend to have psychic abilities and foretell the exact time of every end of class bell.
  • Rock paper scissors - play it with yourself. Disqualify you right hand because it cheated.
  • Walk around the class, stopping at every desk asking for money.
  • Run to the window, peep out and say, "Hey, there's Mary's little lamb!"
  • Ask every member of the opposite sex sitting around you, to marry you.
  • Make extremely serious caricatures of the teacher, all the time pretending to be furiously taking down notes.
  • Ask totally random questions to the teacher. E.g.: "What would YOU do if you saw that your granny had turned into a wolf?"
  • Speak in song/movie titles for one entire class.
  • Dress up as a different superhero everyday.
  • Hum the Mission Impossible tune loudly whenever the teacher turns his/her back, then look around innocently when he/she turns around and asks who it was.
  • Get up in the middle of the class and yell, "Objection, your honor!"
  • Hand in your homework in a greeting card. When the teacher questions, look flabbergasted and say, "What? You don't accept cards?"
  • Make funny nosies with your mouth.
  • Wink at the teacher every time he/she looks at you and when asked about it, sincerely tell them you suffer from a (PETS) Perpetual Eye Twitching Syndrome.
  • Pass around blank chits in the class, right when the teacher is looking at you. When she opens it, yell, "Gotcha!!!"
  • Pick one word and respond to every question you're asked that day with that word.
  • Announce to the class that you will be running for President.
  • When anyone looks at you, shout out, "Quit staring at me, you freak!"
  • Sing every single word that you ought to be saying the entire day. And encourage everyone you meet to do the same, in an effort to preserve the 'dying art'.
  • Write on a piece of paper in big bold letters: "I'm bored at school, what should I do?" and stick it at the front of your desk. When approached about it, break into the moonwalk!
  • Pretend to have a big secret.
  • Smile and wave every time the teacher looks at you.
  • Have a loud conversation with yourself, in a secret language.
  • Excuse yourself in the middle of the class, and announce that you must leave, because you have to go and save a cat from your neighborhood which, you somehow know, has managed to climb up the tree in your backyard.
  • Shout, "Accio duster!" and then begin to cry loudly when the duster does not come to you.
These will help you in extricating the much hated boredom that you might be subjected to at school. Hope you use them and make your life at school much more entertaining (for you, and the ones around you). Good luck. Go on, *wicked grin* drive them crazy!