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Chess Games for Kids

Shashank Nakate
The different chess games for kids involve simple techniques, puzzles and quizzes which not only introduce children to the basics, but also teach them advanced techniques and develop their latent skills. Here's a list of different games which could help children sharpen their chess skills.
The game of chess originated in India and the Europeans became familiar to it during the 15th century. Chess is played on a Checkerboard with 64 boxes and is one of the most popular board games in the world.
Knowledge and verbal abilities, as opposed to visuospatial skills form the base or core of the practice of developing expertise in chess. Practice and study holds key to master this game and it is more important than just anticipating the moves.
Chess also helps increase the power of memory thereby, helping the player in remembering or memorizing the different moves.

Kids Chess

According to studies and projects conducted in different countries, playing chess has helped in raising the IQ level of children and people in general. It is therefore, necessary that kids be encouraged to learn this game and master the techniques.
Chess helps children master the different mathematical skills and abilities. Children should be taught chess lessons in a step by step and fun-filled manner.
The number of online chess games help them learn and master the game easily and quickly. Chess could be used as one of the forms or methods of mental training that helps in conditioning the mind.

Internet Chess Games for Kids

There are many websites that offer chess games for children. These games are aimed at teaching children the basics of chess. The objective of playing these games is not just teaching chess rules, but also enabling children to find solutions to difficult problems/situations that occur while playing.
Different formats such as puzzles, quizzes, interactive games, etc., could be used to help children develop interest in the game. Some of the chess game websites also present players with scenarios/situations they have to deal with.

Monster Chess

This is a fun chess game to be played online. In 'Monster Chess', one has to choose a piece to capture the opponent's pieces. Only few (not all) of the opponent's pieces are arranged on the chessboard for the players to work their way out of the problem/situation.
One has to play in such a manner that he captures an opponent's piece with every move being made. The player can choose from any of the different types of pieces like the King, Queen, Rook, Knight, Bishop and even a pawn to turn it into a 'monster'. It is necessary to plan several steps in advance in order to win this game.

Knight's Tour

In this PC game, knight is the only piece being used. Objective of this game is to make moves in such a manner that the knight never visits a place that he has visited before.
The knight's tour can start from any point on the chessboard. The tour can continue as long as the knight arrives in a square from where it has the option only to attack the starting square. When such a situation arrives, the tour is said to be closed.

Checkmate the Enemy King

In this free online game for kids, the player has to checkmate the opponent's king. Different scenarios are provided with various combinations/arrangements of pieces. An important thing that a player should consider is to avoid a stalemate.


It is an online chess game where one can play against the computer and also other chess players. There is a provision to save the current game and play it afterwards. It is also possible to play more than one games simultaneously with several players.

3D Chess Online

It is an online chess game where one can enjoy 3D graphics. Participants can choose from three levels of difficulty i.e. beginner, casual and advanced. One can also decide on whether he wants white or black pieces.

Easy Chess

As the name suggests, this game is quite easy to play. Format of the game is same as that of normal chess except that the player is provided with hints or tips pertaining to every move made by him.

Kids Chess Evaluator

The 'Kids Chess Evaluator' game is actually a quiz that tests a person's knowledge about chess. The knowledge of checkmates and other tactics used in chess is tested in this quiz.
The mentioned free chess games for kids are the best means of training children. Moreover, these informative websites teach the basic rules, techniques and moves through interesting means.
The different chess games that are available online help in building their tactical skills, memorizing abilities and the IQ in general.