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Children's Board Games

Sheetal Mandora
Children's board games are not only fun for kids but also brings out the kid in many adults. Take a look at these board games for kids that might refresh your childhood memories.
I'm not going to waste your time and talk about what board games are all about. When we were kids, we all have played board games whenever we got bored or had no other activities to indulge in (due to the rain or snow). So here's my "all time amazing" list of board games for children that will make sure your heads turn in astonishment.

Two Player Games for Children

As you go through the story, you will notice some of the board games which are really popular and easily available at your local toy stores. Here are some new and vintage board games for your kids to enjoy and spend their lazy afternoons.

Board Games for Children

Axis and Allies, Aviation, Backgammon, Battleship, Chess, Chinese Checkers, Connect Four, Cross and Circle Game, Dover Patrol, Dracula's Revenge, Downfall, Fanorona, Frankenstein's Children, Foreclosure, Ghosts, Go, Guess Who?, Hare and Hounds, Hijara, Isis, and Osiris, Kamisado, Kingdoms,
L'Attaque, LifeStyle The Financial Planning Game, Lord of the Rings, Magestones, Malaika, Mastermind, Mindmover, Mojo, Mozaic, Opoly, Obsession, Pawn duel, Plateau, Space Hulk, Stratego, Strata5, Stratego, Tantrix.

Multi-player Family Games

No person ever had fun playing board games all alone. It's fun and much more interesting only when there are players fighting to win the game. Every Sunday night, my family and I would get together and play board games like Parcheesi, Scotland Yard, Clue, and Scrabble. Perhaps you and your family do so as well. And to this quality time meaningful, take a look at these multi-player family games that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Board Games for Kids and Family

À la carte, Acquire, Aladdin's Dragons, Alhambra, Amun Re, Atlantis, Attribute, Australia, Barbarossa, Billabong, Bohnanza, (This Game Is) Bonkers!, Brain Chain, The Bridges of Shangri-La, Buccaneer, Buzzle, Café International, Campanile, Can't Stop, Canyon, Careers, Casablanca, Chameleon, Chinatown, Clans, Clue, Coloretto, Columbus, Cranium, Crayon Rails,
Crosstrack, Cosmic Encounter, The Da Vinci Game, Debate This, Domaine, Don't Quote Me, Drunter und Drüber, Dune, Ein Solches Ding, El Grande, Elfenland, Enchanted Forest, Entdecker, Evo, Extrablatt, Farlander, Fearsome Floors, Figure It Out, Fireball Island, Flying Dutchman, Fluxx, Freebooter, The Game of Life, Get the Goods, GiftTRAP, Giganten, Girl Talk,
Goa, Gold Rush, Goldland, Die Händler, Hansa, Hattrick, High Society, Highlanders, History of the World, Holiday AG, Imperial, Ingenious, Intrige, Jagd der Vampire, Java, Journey through Europe, Junta, Kill Doctor Lucky, Kingdoms, Knock Out, Korg 70,000 B.C, La Cittá, Landslide, The London Game, Life, Lost, Lost Cities, Löwenherz, Maharaja, Manhattan,
Medieval Merchant, Merchant of Venus, Merchants of Amsterdam, Mine a million, Minos, The Mob, Modern Art, Mole in the Hole, Nautilus, Neolithibum, New England, Paris Paris, Parcheesi, Pay Day, Personal Preference, Pictionary, Pirate's Cove, Power Grid, Princes of Florence, RA, Rail Baron, Ramses II, Razzia, Ricochet Robots, Rivers, Roads, and Rails,
Robo Rally, Samurai, The Secret Door, Scotland Yard, Scrabble, Seven Deadly Sins, Shadows over Camelot, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Sorry!, Taj Mahal, Take It Easy, Terra X, Through the Desert, Ticket to Ride, Tigris, and Euphrates, Timberland, Top Secret Spies, Torres, Traders of Genoa, TransAmerica, Trivial Pursuit, Trouble,
Tycoon, Vanished Planet, Vernissage, Web of Power, Wind & Wetter, Zoki Games, Zombies!!, 18XX, 221B Baker Street, 30 Seconds.

More Children's Games to Play

Not satisfied yet? No need to worry because here comes another list of top board games for children that will probably overload their brains with fun and entertainment. Children these days need to learn the value of teamwork and cooperation, and these board games for kids provide just that.

Team Building Board Games

Ab Die Post!, Apples to Apples, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader Board Game, A Beautiful Place, Birds of Summer, Break a Leg, Candy Land, Chicken Cha Cha Cha, Chutes and Ladders, Clue, Cooties, Caves and Claws, Choices, Christmas Game, Community, Dark and Dangerous Skies, Die Ritter von der Haselnuß, Don't Break the Ice,
Don't Wake Daddy, Eagle Eye Agency, Earth Game, Explorers, Farmers Market, Granny's House, Gulo Gulo, Hallo Dachs!, Hey Pa! There's a Goat on the Roof, Hi Ho! Cherry-O, Harley, Harvest Time, Home Builders, Hotel Ritz Investigators, Let's Go Sailing, Loopin' Louie, Ludo, Monopoly, Monopoly Junior, Mouse Tra, Max, Maze, Mountaineering, Ogres and Elves,
Our Town, Operation, Piepmatz, Peace in Our Time, Personal Portraits, Power Blackout!, Princess, Space Hop, Sand Castles, Search and Rescue, Space Future, Snowstorm, There's a Growly in the Garden, The Secret Door, Take A Hike, Twister, Untrivia, Wildcraft, Zen Blocks.
I never knew that there could be so many children's games that are played all across the globe. I'm not going to say that this was a "small list" of board games for kids, but all I can say is that I might have left out "few" games. If you do find out that some board games are missing, feel free to comment back and let us finish the list. Happy hunting!