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Dorm Room Pranks

Aparna Jadhav
Pranksters can either be fun or vicious, where the latter are usually sucker punched. Pranks aren't actually all that bad, except those on the receiving end need to be the ones who think your humor makes sense.
Practical jokes or 'pranks' as they are also called, are humorous acts involving one or more persons, who collectively decide to play out a prank on an unsuspecting victim. Just remember, a juvenile prank is one thing, but a dangerous one, is another.
Ever seen the movie Jawbreaker? These chicks break into a friend's home, stuff her mouth with a jawbreaker, secure a piece of cloth around her jaw to keep it in place, and bind her hands.
After they take her 'hostage' to a different location, they open up the car's trunk to find her dead (she chokes on the jawbreaker) - it was a gruesome prank; some sort of twisted way of surprising her on her birthday. Nice surprise (not).
These pranks are totally harmless of course and hilarious, to say the least. Your roommate will hate you for a while, but will laugh over it eventually. Let's take a look at some dorm room pranks that you can try out on April Fool's Day, or any other day for that matter.

Dorm Room Pranks for Guys and Girls

Possessed Television

A television set as we all know, is controlled by just one remote. When your roommate is not around, call a technician over to replace the old remote, with a new one.
He'll tune the remote to the TV's signal, and presto! You now have two remotes that work out the same function. You can either hide in the closet or under the bed, so that you have a vantage point from the TV.
Have a good time flipping channels, while your roommate struggles to return to the one he was watching. After about 10 minutes, give your frustrated, baffled roommate a break by finally revealing yourself.
Tip - If you don't want to do the whole remote-control tweaking, you can download a phone app that allows you to flick TV channels, using just your cell phone. It gives you a list of TVs it is compatible with, so cross your fingers and hope that your roommate's TV is listed.

Freddy Vs Jason

Ever see the movie with Jason the hockey-masked killer? Well, this is where you bring the infamous Jason back from the dead. This prank will work well for dorm rooms that have really thin walls, where conversations can be clearly heard.
The best way to know if he has, is to ask a close friend of his to participate in the gag. That way, when your roommate spills the beans to him / her, they can keep you updated. The prank is fairly simple.
Discuss the murder of another roommate over the phone, with a girl you supposedly want to be with. Say things like, "I'm going to murder him in his sleep tonight, Jason X style." Pretend like you're in a hurry to hang up because your roommate just walked in, after overhearing the entire conversation.
Play out the entire thing as he pretends to be stabbed to death, begging for his life to be spared. You can scream vile things to scare your eavesdropping roommate.

Harrowing Suspense

This prank will work well, if the victim is over-the-top gullible or meek. Do research or pay attention to what your roommate says, about an annoying classmate, lovestruck loser, or professor that doesn't behave appropriately.
It could also be someone he / she isn't fond of, but is aware that this someone has a crush on them. Place an innocuous gift-wrapped object in front of your roommate's door - ask someone to do it when you are with her, so that she doesn't suspect a thing.
Your roommate will find the gift, inspect it curiously, and then read the note attached. Whatever is scrawled on the note will not ring any bells at first. Use subtle yet obvious hints of who it may be.
After about a week of love notes and call-me messages (leave their real number behind, carefully placing this in her bag sometime during class, so that she doesn't suspect it's a prank), reveal your identity in a note placed in the last gift box you leave out for her.

Talking Nightmare

This is a cruel prank to play on someone who craps their pants at the mere mention of spirits, or spooky dolls. Buy a talking doll before you do this. Tell your roommate you're going out of town for a few days, and won't be back till after the weekend.
Let your roommate enjoy his first night alone in peace, while you stay over at a friend's. The next day, sneak into the dorm room after sunset when he's not around, and hide under the sheets in a sitting position. Hold the doll in your lap.
Lightly apply pressure to the area that activates the doll's voice and wait in the dark for your roommate to return. When he does, wait for him to turn on the lights before you let the doll speak.
Something like, 'Mama' instead of 'I love you', is scarier and more impactful, so buy doll with a bloodcurdling tone. He'll look in the direction of the bed, and notice the concealed figure - do not move a muscle, just keep squeezing the doll, before leaping off the bed towards him.
These dorm room pranks will hit the nail in the right spot, if executed according to plan. Choose weak victims, where even those who come off as strong, can actually be reduced to tears. Have fun playing these gags on roommates, but don't experiment with pranks that will turn out badly.