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Family Activities for the Park

Buzzle Staff
When the weather is nice, taking a trip to the local park can be a fun way to spend the afternoon outside with your family. When you get tired of the same old playground routine, try some of the other fun activities suggested here for an exciting day outdoors.

A Day at the Park

Going to the park with your family is a time-honored tradition during the warmer months. Whether you live in the city or in a more rural area, spending time outside in a public place is rewarding for children and adults alike, so no one has to compromise in order to enjoy quality time.
In order to make the most of your spring and summer park trips, though, you might want to consider trying a few new activities. With a little creativity, there are endless fun things to do at the local park.

The Limits of Playgrounds

The most common thing for kids to do at the park is play on the playground equipment. This is great because kids get exercise, get to interact with other kids, and can stay happy for hours on end.
For parents, however, playground time is sometimes not quite as exciting. It's nice to socialize with other parents and enjoy watching the little ones at play, but we grown-ups can't easily participate in the playground fun - at least not without alarming the other parents!
If you need a break from sitting on the sidelines and watching kids have all the fun, try doing something away from the playground equipment in an open field or grassy area of the park.

Frisbees, Balls, and Other Park Toys

Soft Frisbees and balls are great things to bring to the park and enjoy with your kids. Parents can participate in playing catch, there are numerous possibilities for playing with park toys.
Whether you and your family prefer to casually toss the Frisbee around while talking and joking together or engaging in a more competitive, sport-like style of play, you can enjoy the fresh air and physical activity together. Other lawn games and toys like badminton and hula hoops, can easily be taken to the park for an afternoon of fun.

Fly a Kite

If the weather is too breezy for Frisbee tossing, it might be just perfect for flying a kite. Kite flying is a wonderful family fun activity, because there are enough different levels of difficulty to amuse everyone. Children who are too small to fly the kite themselves can have fun chasing its movements and helping older siblings hold the string.
Slightly older kids could enjoy learning to fly the kite, which is easy enough for children to learn but challenging enough to be a rewarding bonding experience between siblings or between children and parents.
Teens and parents can enjoy the challenge of making kites do tricks and stay in the air as long as possible, and the whole family can take turns testing their luck. Best of all, kites are inexpensive and can be used in almost any open space on a breezy day.

Pack a Picnic

After you and your family tire of Frisbees and kites, your first thought might be to head home for lunch or a snack. However, bringing a snack or picnic lunch along can add an exciting element to the day out and can allow the family to enjoy more park time together.
If the family has scattered to different areas of the park in pursuit of different activities, a picnic lunch can be a good opportunity for everyone to come back together spend quality time together.
For kids, picnics are often so exciting that everyday foods like sandwiches and apples seem more appetizing. If you decide to pack a picnic lunch, just remember to bring a bag or container for any garbage and dispose of it appropriately to keep the park looking its best!

Bring Inside Games With You

If you are still struggling for ideas about good park activities, consider bringing some of your at-home activities to the park with you. If your kids have favorite toys or games, consider whether they would work outdoors.
Card games and board games can be easily taken to the park if you bring along a blanket and take care not to lose any game pieces. This can give you all a chance to get out of the house and into the outdoors without missing out on the fun at-home activities.