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Best Family-friendly Summer Activities

Buzzle Staff
Summer is upon us, and around mid-July is about when the kids start getting restless. Try these creative, family-friendly activities to spice up the end of summer.

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Remember the endless days of summer stretching on and on when you were a kid? You must have visited the community pool almost every day throughout June and July, and by the time it got to August, we were bored out of our minds.
If you find yourself in the same situation with your kids, try these creative, family-friendly summer activities to give your days a twist before the kids go back to school.

Museum Scavenger Hunt

Going to the museum can be really great, when you're an adult. Unless there are kid-friendly, hands-on activities for the kids to play with, you're pretty much stuck looking at paintings or old artifacts.
However, if you try turning the museum into a game, the kids might be more apt to pay attention, and they might even learn something along the way.
This activity requires a bit of preparation, but once you're there, you'll have a ton of fun. You need to do some research about what is at the museum, and type out a sheet of things the kids need to find.
You could tell them to find a specific artifact, or you could make it a little bit more difficult by asking them a question about the artifact that they need to answer. Set a time limit once you get to the museum, and choose a place to meet when you're finished.
Split up into teams with an adult or an older kid on each team to keep track of time and not get lost. Whoever has the most answers to their questions wins!


It is a favorite summer pastime, and can be done at any time of day or evening.
Evening times and weekends tend to be more crowded, so plan accordingly; you may have to wait in line. The more difficult the course, the more fun, and the more time you will spend there. Many courses are designed with obstacles and hazards, but remember these courses are designed to be fun.
Don't get worked up over a lost ball; it's just a game! Instead of giving points like regular golf, try making up your own rules. Give points for the most creative shot, or double points for shooting with the opposite hand. When you're done playing, treat yourselves to some ice cream or pizza - winner buys!

Make Your Own Pizza Party

Turn your kitchen into a pizzeria! This activity is perfect even for the pickiest of eaters, because they make their own pizza, so they'll be sure to love it.
Grab some pre-made pizza dough from the grocery store, as well as marinara sauce, olive oil, Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, and some great vegetables and pre-cooked meats. Roll out the pizza dough in personal-sized pizzas, and have the kids top their pizzas with their favorite goodies.
Bake the pizzas as directed and enjoy. This also works great with dessert pizzas. Just find pre-baked dough and substitute whipped cream for sauce and fruits, candies, and sprinkles for the toppings.

Make Your Own Sundaes

It doesn't get better than ice cream in the summer. Even more fun than taking a trip to the local ice cream shop is making your own sundaes in the backyard.
Start with a few varieties of ice cream - some favorites are vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, but you can pick whichever you like - and have plenty of toppings available. Chopped fruits, chocolate and caramel sauces, sprinkles, cherries, peanuts, whipped cream - you name it.
Set it all up at a big table with serving spoons and scoops, give each kid a bowl, and watch them make their own sundaes. The only thing more fun than making the sundaes is eating them!