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Fun Activities for Teenagers

Deepa Kartha
If you have landed on this page, you must definitely be looking for some fun-filled activities for teens. Continue reading to get information on some of the activities that teenagers will definitely enjoy.
"Vampires and teens have a lot in common. Teens have surging hormones, vampires have surging blood lust. Teenagers think they're immortal."
― P. C. Cast
Teenage is considered to be one of the most complicated as well as difficult phases. It is considered a time of transition, i.e., the phase where the child is becoming an adult. However, this also causes confusion in the teenagers because while sometimes, parents regard them as adults, the next moment they are reminded that they are still kids.
As this is a sensitive developmental stage, parents have to be very careful while dealing with teenagers. During this time, their sense of perception towards the world changes which affects their personality, attitude, habits, behavior, etc. What your kid must have considered to be really cool or fun just two years ago, may become boring for him.
This also applies to the activities that you planned for your kid. Hence, it is important that parents and teachers organize activities for teenagers that match their interests and hobbies. Here, we will take a look at some activities that you can organize at home as well as school.

Ideas for Fun Activities

In today's world, teenagers have become tech savvy and addicted to the Internet, social media, video games, television, etc. Although such things are necessary to some extent; many teenagers consider them to be their hobbies which hampers their personality, intellect and hence, it is important to introduce fun and educative activities to teenagers.

Fun Activities at Home

Teenagers tend to become couch potatoes by spending their time in front of the television or by browsing the web. Hence, it is necessary to put their time into constructive use with the help of fun activities.
Teenagers, especially girls, love to have slumber parties at home by inviting their close friends. Hence, you can plan with your girl and arrange for a fun slumber party for her and her friends. In case of boys, you can organize a slumber party or camp in your backyard and have some fun activities.
Another fun thing would be to put them on a project of making a family scrapbook. As teenagers are very close to their friends, making a friendship scrapbook would also be a good idea. Apart from this, giving a makeover to their room will also be an enjoyable pursuit for teenagers.

Fun Activities at School

Keeping them occupied after school hours

As nowadays, most parents go for work, kids and teenagers have no one to mind them, once they come home from school.
It has been seen that teenagers tend to misuse this free time, getting involved in antisocial activities like drinking, drugs, criminal activities. The best way to avoid this is to organize activities at school for them, after school hours. For teenagers interested in sports, arranging a sports club or coaching club for various sports will be a good idea.

Understanding their interests and engaging them

For teenagers who are interested in music, the school can arrange classes where they can learn singing or may be play a musical instrument.
Apart from this, for students who love reading, it will be a good idea to start a reader's club where they can read and have group discussions about books.

Fun-filled Outdoor Activities

Fun Summer Activities

The biggest problem that parents and teenagers face is when the summer starts. Teenagers start getting bored as soon as the vacation starts and to prevent them from getting addicted to television or the computer.
It would be a great idea to indulge teenagers in some outdoor activities in the summer. One of the best summer activities for teenagers would be to go for a holiday where they can indulge in various water or adventure sports.

Other Exciting Outdoor Activities

If going on a vacation is not possible, indulge in some outdoor summer activities for teenagers such as fishing, cycling, going for an educational tour to a museum, etc.
Before you plan any activity for teens, make sure that you and your kids are on the same page as teenagers have different ideas about fun and you don't want to foist them with what you think they will enjoy.
Apart from these activities, taking up a part-time job is also a good activity for teenagers. Along with earning money, they will also gain some work experience. So, discuss these activities with your teenager and allow them to pick those which they find interesting.