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Fun Quizzes for Entertainment

Are you bored because there is nothing better to do? Why not take our fun quizzes and know yourself better? Here are some fun quizzes you can take when you're bored!
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Everybody loves to take fun quizzes! Those who say they find it simply boring to take fun quizzes and would rather stay away from them are plain liars.
Not everyone takes them with a serious intention of knowing oneself or gaining some insight on their career or relationship, but the opportunity to take quiz is simply irresistible to most of us. Although, strange, silly and often weird, these quizzes certainly give us some good laugh. So, are you ready for some light entertainment and hearty laugh?

Find Your Style Quotient

What bag do you prefer the most?
  1. Duffel bag
  2. Oversized one that accommodates everything
  3. A small clutch
  4. A revamped bowling bag
  5. Coach, Fendi, Louis Vuitton
What shoes do you prefer the most?
  1. Tennis
  2. Loafers
  3. High heels
  4. Boots
  5. Open-toe pumps
What would be your favorite outfit for a night out?
  1. Jeans and halter top
  2. The same thing you were wearing at work
  3. Tight mini skirt and flirty top
  4. Black top and skinny jeans
  5. A fine cut pencil skirt and a silk blouse
For a casual evening with your friends you wear....
  1. Sweatsuit (yeah the same one you wear while working out)
  2. Loose pants and a baggy t-shirt
  3. Sweatpants that say "sexy" on the butt
  4. Band T-shirt and chucks
  5. Abercrombie tank top and Seven jeans

Your Answers

Most 1's: You are a very casual kind of person who values comfort more than style.

Most 2's: You simply give two hoots about style and your appearance in general.

Most 3's: You are a wannabe fashionista who believes in making bold fashion statement.
Most 4's: You have a decent sense of fashion but believe in underplaying it.

Most 5's: You are an absolute fashionista who wouldn't step out of her house without her designer wear.

Know Your Personality

You plan a night out together with friends and they cancel on you, what would you do?
  1. Ask them why
  2. Tease them for being spoilsport and plan with someone else
  3. Say 'next time' and promise to plan some other great night
  4. Feel hurt and rejected because you were really waiting for this night out
  5. Feel happy, you anyway wanted to stay home
  6. Be nonchalant about it
If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, how would you spend the final day of your life?
  1. Attempting to know the world as much as possible
  2. Partying and having a blast with friends and family
  3. Fulfilling a dream you always nurtured
  4. Crying
  5. Spending some quality time with loved ones
  6. Checking the final draft of your will and making arrangements for your funeral
You have been asked to write a research paper, what will be your strategy?
  1. You can't wait to start as it would be fun
  2. Keep on delaying for a few days and hope your teacher forgets
  3. Put in a great deal of thought to find what is expected
  4. Keep whining and complaining
  5. You plan to get an early start so you could finish it fast
  6. Plan wisely and write a little daily
Two of your friends are fighting, what would you do?
  1. Make them sort out their differences by bringing them together
  2. Lighten up the mood by cracking silly jokes and making them laugh
  3. Choose a side
  4. Become upset yourself
  5. Definitely want to improve the situation but do not know what to do.
  6. Would not interfere. It's there problem and they will have to work it out

Your Answers

Most 1's: You are a very practical and solution oriented person.

Most 2's: You are a happy go lucky person who loves to enjoy little pleasures of life.

Most 3's: You are an optimistic who loves to think clearly. You hate making life unnecessarily complicated.
Most 4's: You are a whiner who gets upset easily.

Most 5's: You are an enthusiastic person who takes keen interest in everything around you.

Most 6's: You are a meticulous planner with a straightforward approach in life. At times, you could come across as insensitive and blunt person.

Find Your Dating Skills

Who do you hang out with, at the house parties?
  1. You stick with your friends
  2. Mingle with strangers
  3. You never get an invite to house parties
  4. Make a move towards the hottest person at the party
You exchanged number with someone at the party. When do you expect them to call you?
  1. In a couple of days
  2. Later, that same night
  3. Never, as usual
  4. Don't know, but you will be waiting impatiently for the phone to ring
You are trying to find your way to the drinks counter at a crowded party when you see a hottie standing in your path, what would you do?
  1. Gently tap his/her shoulder
  2. Touch his/her arm
  3. Take another route
  4. Knock his/her off the feet by bumping onto them
You are on a blind date when you struggle to get the conversation going. What would you do to overcome the lull in the conversation?
  1. Make a good humor of the situation
  2. Ask them about their job
  3. Make an excuse and run away
  4. Talk about your wild adventures in some god forsaken place

Your Answers

Most 1's: You know how to play it right when it comes to dating.

Most 2's: You play it pretty hard to get what you want.

Most 3's: You are a complete novice in this field and a hopeless one too.

Most 4's: You come across as a desperate candidate who would date any one with two feet.
These were some fun quizzes to take while you are bored or simply want to have a good laugh. The result analysis given here is meant only for fun and should not be taken seriously.