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Golf Games for Kids

Shashank Nakate
Besides enjoyment, through various golf games, kids can also learn a bit about golf and further develop their interest in this game. Here's more...
Though the game of golf is commonly played by adults, children too can enjoy it a lot. Nowadays, there are many golf game formats that are specially prepared for children. Amusement parks have mini-golf courses which allow children to play various golf-like games. One can also convert his own backyard into a mini-golf course.
Here are few interesting games of golf for kids to play. Children would love these variants and enjoy them to the fullest.

Golf Carnival Game

This game is suitable for parties and carnivals at churches and schools. It can also be played during picnics and 'Fourth of July' celebrations. There is a box-like structure that is 26" wide, 40" tall, and 29½" deep. The ramp, which is attached to the box-shaped part of the game, is 16" wide and 33¾" long.
The whole game is made of nylon. It also includes mini putters and two golf balls made of plastic. It is easy to set up, and adds to the enjoyment and entertainment in parties.

Ladder Golf Game

This game is constructed from brass hardware and hardwood. It is easy to assemble due to the 1-piece knobs. The game is compact in size and can fit into a small area. The structure is strong and sleek. The complete set includes 1 set of green and white bolas each, a nylon carrying case, and 1 hardwood game ladder.

Par 3 Mini Golf Course

The 'Par 3 Mini Golf Course' game is suitable for children above 2 years of age. It helps develop the muscle skills and also improves hand-eye-coordination. One can create a number of golf course setups using this game. The course of the ball is guided by track walls.
There are 17 components or pieces in the game, including 2 balls and 2 putters. It can be played both indoors and outdoors. The game is made in USA, and costs around $42.

Kid Galaxy Safari Adventure Golf Set

This golf course game is made with a 'Safari' theme, and includes bright colored structures which depict the different creatures found in a jungle. The foam used for the construction of the game is soft, flexible, and yet sturdy in nature. It is designed with the help of well-placed safari-themed obstacles.
The 'Kid Galaxy Safari Adventure Golf Set' game is meant for both outdoor and indoor use. The components include 2 balls, 2 foam putters, 4 obstacles, and the putting greens.

Little Tikes TotSports Easy Hit Golf Set

The 'Little Tikes TotSports Easy Hit Golf Set' is not a mini golf course. The game consists of an all-surface hole, which allows kids to play in their surroundings. They can practice drives and putts in a fun-filled manner. The game is suitable for kids between 2 - 6 years of age. The components include 3 balls, 2 clubs, a pull-cart, and an all-surface hole.
There are many online golf games which kids can play free of cost. These provide gamers with situations or scenarios similar to that in a real game of golf. One can exercise his golf swing skills with the help of these online games. There are many games with different levels and features, which allow kids with the skills to play and enjoy the experience.