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Super Exciting Group Picnic Games

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
Summer's the perfect time for outdoor activities such as picnics. Get some ideas on group picnic games to add more fun to an already exciting picnic plan.
Come summers and you will find people looking for excuses to hit the outdoors! Why not? After all the warm season is one opportunity everyone looks out for to keep worries on the back burner and enjoy quality time with family and close friends in the lap of Mother Nature.
This opportunity becomes even more valuable to people who have kids as summer vacations come as a pleasant respite for little scholars who can put down the staff of academics for some time to fully enjoy some physically active hours of constructive leisure.
While picnic itself is all about spending pleasant time outdoors, away from the urban ruckus, in the company of people close to you, you can make it even livelier and way more enjoyable if you add some fun games to your picnic agenda.
Here are some ideas on cool group picnic games that you can include in your picnic schedule to make those few hours of enjoyment even more enjoyable and make the most of your time together!

Group Games for Picnics

Here are some interesting games that you can play while enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. You see, a picnic is not just about cooking, eating and spending time in natural surroundings.
You never know when you'll get the time for another picnic or camping trip in the near future, considering the hectic schedule of your mundane existence. Might as well make the most of your time at hand and make this picnic one hell of an exciting outdoors experience!

Dumb Charades

This is one hell of an exciting game to be played by a group of people and it never seems outdated, what with the infinite scope of variations of this game you can come up with! As most of you may be aware, the entire group needs to be split into two teams, who will sit facing each other, for playing this game.
One person from each team approaches the center of the game arena. The person from Team # 1 would whisper something in the ear of the person from Team # 2. The latter will have to convey whatever the former whispered in his/her ear by acting it out.
He/she cannot speak or move his/her lips and must rely solely upon hand signals and other physical gestures. There can be endless number of themes for this game. However, movies and celebrities remain the most popular themes.

Treasure Hunts

A treasure hunt can be one of the most exciting outdoor games for group picnics. For this, you need to make some preparations (clues, chits, maps, rewards for acing various levels) beforehand and also need to be fairly aware of the area surrounding the picnic spot. Only then can you prepare treasure maps and plant clues accordingly.
Also, this ensures no one strays or gets lost while on the hunt. The treasure in question can be the reward for itself or can be any symbolic object or any member of the group. The person who finds this treasure first becomes eligible for the reward which can be anything, from candies and edible goodies to some utilitarian gift item.
Just make sure that those who participate in the hunt carry cell phones and whistles to be able to contact each other in case of any emergency.

Contests and Competitions

You can arrange a number of entertaining and funny contests such as pie eating contest, mud-slinging contest, balloon blowing contest, balloon bursting contest, target hitting competitions, tree climbing competitions, sack races....... you name it! Just use your imagination and you'll be surprised by your own creativity!

Hide and Seek

Played it plenty of times indoors as kids? Well, take it outside and discover the fun and challenges of finding a place to hide with no cupboards or closets in convenient range! Let's make it a little more interesting shall we? Those who hide can keep switching their hiding places throughout the game to throw the It  off trail!
Another interesting tweak would be to plant a spy who would be one of the Others  whose identity will be kept a secret from both the It and the Others  and this Spy  will keep leaving clues for the It  regarding the hiding places of the Others !

Guessing Games

This game can be played by the entire group as one team with each person getting blindfolded by turn. The blindfolded person would be made to touch, smell or taste a particular object and he/she has to guess what it is. The one who guesses correctly the maximum number of turns gets to be the winner!
Those were some fun ideas for group picnic games. Whichever idea you select and whatever customizations you add to it, make sure you don't go overboard, especially if your picnic site is at a significant distance from civilization.
This strongly applies to games that would require running around and dispersing away from the picnic site such as treasure hunts, hide and seek, etc. Getting lost in an unfamiliar territory can be distressing, not to mention dangerous.
Also, refrain from holding alcohol drinking competitions as getting inebriated far from home, especially in the wilderness, is never a good idea. Being wise while enjoying oneself never hurts - it just ensures you enjoy yourself to the fullest without getting into trouble.