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Homemade Cherry Bomb Instructions

Here are some instructions for making one at home.
Prashant Magar
You can always count on a cherry bomb to add a spark to any celebration. However you must ensure that its use is limited to celebrations only. It is a type of firework, round in shape, and the core of which is stuffed with explosive material. These little, yet loud crackers can enliven any festival with their typical sound and scintillating light effects.
The best part of a homemade cherry bomb is that it is not a burden on your expenses, and can be made at a very low price. Before going through the procedure, strictly ensure whether it is legally acceptable to make an explosive, under the law of your state.
Another factor to consider is whether all fire safety measures are in place, and you are responsible enough to go ahead with the process confidently, with adequate knowledge of the risks involved. Even on the slightest hesitation, avoid any trials. As it is, you can even purchase these sparkling crackers.

Required Materials

A cherry bomb can be made by using articles from everyday use. The materials used are:
  • A bomb cover or base, such as a ping-pong (or table tennis) ball
  • A sufficiently long fuse string (at least 5 inches)
  • Some nail polish
  • A nail
  • Shaving blade and patching material
  • Black powder (enough to fill ¾th portion of the ball)


  • Make a hole in the ping-pong ball with the help of a nail, sufficient enough to drive the fuse wire into it.
  • At the exact opposite side of this hole, by means of a razor, cut a bigger hole.
  • Fill the ball with black powder through the bigger end, such that ¼th space is empty.
  • Patch the hole with a tape or any patching material, such that the powder does not fall out.
  • Insert the fuse wire through the hole made by the nail.
  • Paint the ball with the nail polish. This will give it a nice look, and more importantly, make the explosive sound much louder.
Finally, the cherry bomb is ready to be set off. All you need to do is to ignite the other end of the fuse, and enjoy the spectacular display of its sound and light unfold before your eyes.


The given procedure is simply a guideline. However, it is advisable for the reader not to indulge in making one if it violates the law of the land or safety concerns. Children should be strictly forbidden to try out the steps. In case you go ahead with the process, it should be with full cognition and awareness of the risk involved.
Disclaimer: The particulars mentioned here are solely for informative purposes.