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How to Buy a Trampoline

How to buy a trampoline? Here are some tips.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
A trampoline is a device, which is primarily made up of a steel frame and a taut piece of fabric that is stretched over the frame. The fabric is connected to the frame of the trampoline with the help of many coiled springs.
People buy a trampoline as it is a fun way to jump and perform exercise and if the trampoline is bigger in size, it can also be used to perform different forms of gymnastic exercises. Nowadays, trampoline is equally popular among kids and professional athletes.
The trampoline is often called one of the most safest exercise equipment in the market, however, with the wide number of choices available, it becomes very difficult to choose a good brand of trampoline. Here are some useful tips to remember before buying a trampoline.

Tips on How to Buy a Trampoline

Today, more and more families have become aware of the various long-term benefits of having a good quality trampoline in their lawn or garden. Children never get bored from playing on the trampoline and the equipment also provides a new form of fun exercise for the elders.
However, there are so many brands of trampoline out there in the market that it becomes very tough to choose a good one, if the basics are not clear.

Trampoline Research

Most trampolines in the market will be on sale, but this doesn't mean that the buyer has to make a hasty decision in buying one. There are various types of trampolines available and before buying any type, doing a bit of research is always considered fruitful.

Trampoline Types

Basically there are two types of trampolines available in the market - the round trampoline and the rectangular trampoline. You can choose either of the two as per you suitability.

Round Trampoline

The round trampoline is for basic domestic use and the rectangular trampoline is used by gymnasts to perform different types of flips.
The round trampoline is great for family use and this trampoline can handle more than one jumper at a time. They help people to perform much safer jumps. The springs used in this trampoline have the effect of pushing the jumper back to the center, thus increasing the safety aspect of jumping.

Rectangular Trampoline

The rectangular trampoline, on the other hand, helps the jumper get a more specialized bounce. It is used to perform gymnastic stunts. The extra bounce helps the jumper to perform different kinds of flips.

Trampoline Frame

The frame is a very important part of the trampoline, when purchasing a trampoline, as this part is the one which balances all the weight.
It is very necessary that the frame is galvanized from the inside so that it is protected from extreme weather conditions. Assembling and disassembling the frame should also be easy in case the trampoline needs to be moved and shifted.
The area that can give the trampoline various problems are the welded leg sockets on the top rail. To avoid any problems with the leg sockets, make sure the thickness of the steel should be between 1.5 mm and 2 mm.

Trampoline Springs

The springs are the part that provide an effective bounce in the trampoline. Before buying a trampoline, ensure that the trampoline springs are made from high quality steel wire, which should not get affected by rust and corrosion.
The number of springs and the length of each spring should also be given importance. Trampolines for domestic use require the length of each spring to be around 5.5 inches to 8.5 inches. Trampolines used by gymnasts should have a spring of 9.25 inches. Always remember, the more the number of springs, the better the upper weight limit would be.

Trampoline Pads

To make jumping more comfortable, it is very important that high quality trampoline pads are purchased.
The pads of the trampoline should be extra wide so that all the springs can be covered. The pad should fit very closely to the frame and a good example is cell polyethylene foam, which is waterproof. The pad should also be UV resistant as this improves the durability of the trampoline.

Trampoline Covers

Trampoline covers are not only made to protect the trampoline from harsh weather conditions, but they also can be used for various purposes. A good quality trampoline can be left out in the open very easily as trampoline covers protect it from bird droppings, tree leaves, dirt and insects.
It also protects the trampoline from the harmful UV rays which affect the frame pads. So, look for good trampoline covers, while purchasing a trampoline, now that you know its benefits.
Hope this was helpful in knowing how to buy a good quality trampoline. If the buyer is purchasing the trampoline for his/her young ones, it is important he/she surrounds the trampoline with safety nets to reduce the risk of accidents.