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How to Make Bubbles With Glycerin

Dhanya Joy
Kids love to play around with glycerin bubbles, and it is safe as well. You can apply these methods for this purpose.
Kids and even adults love to blow bubbles. Bubble solutions are available commercially, but may have certain harmful effects on your child's health and skin. Knowing how to make these solutions at home, can protect kids from the harmful chemicals of commercially available ones and also saves money.

Homemade Bubble Solutions

These can be made using different ingredients, but soap or dish soap are the most commonly used. However, the effect of dish soap does not last very long. An additional ingredient like glycerin or karo syrup can help blow bigger bubbles, and these will last longer.
This happens, because the additional ingredients make the solution wetter. Preparing bubble solutions is easy, and you can also teach your kids. Here are some methods.

Using Dish Soap Alone

● liquid dish soap, 4 tbsp.
● water, 1 quart


1. In a jar with a lid, mix both the ingredients, and shake well.
2. Open the lid, and stir the mixture with a wire whisk to blend it well.
3. Then, close the lid, and let the solution sit for at least a day or two before using it.
4. Remember to stir the solution before you blow the bubbles.

Using Glycerin

● liquid dish soap, 4½ tbsp.
● water, 1 quart
● glycerin, 4 tbsp.


1. In a dish pan, mix the liquid dish soap and water thoroughly.
2. To this, add the glycerin and stir until it blends well.
3. Skim any foam that you see in the solution.
4. Whisk the solution if required, pour it into a jar with a lid, and let it stay for 2 days before using.

Making Colorful Bubbles

● liquid dish soap, 4½ tbsp.
● water, 1 quart
● glycerin/powdered sugar, 4 tbsp.
● Food colors (any)

1. Mix the water and liquid dish soap in a dish pan.
2. Add the glycerin or powdered sugar, and stir till it is thoroughly blended.
3. Add a few drops of the food coloring agent, to obtain the intensity of color required. Usually 4 to 5 drops are sufficient.
4. Mix and stir thoroughly, skim the foam, and pour it into a lidded jar.
5. Let it sit for a day, and then use bubble wands to blow colorful sparkle.
For long-lasting ones, make sure that the surfaces that they touch, like your hands or the wand, are wet. You need to blow lightly, and the sparkle should be preferably blown outdoors in weather conditions that are humid or cool, or in a bubble bath.
Make sure that there are no suds in the solution, or else your bubbles will pop really soon. Using distilled water is a better option than using hard tap water for the solution. Now that you know how to make bubbles with glycerin, go ahead and have a blast!