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How to Set Up a Trampoline

Stephen Rampur
Setting up a trampoline mainly depends on the tools and accessories you have in the package. Bigger the trampoline, the more time you will required to set it up securely...
There are many entertainment gadgets that can be used in a house. One of the best and exciting things that is popularly used, is a trampoline. Note that these are also used for fitness and gymnastic purposes. Prospective buyers of this product consider installing the hardest part. But, if you follow some simple instructions, you can do the job in no time.

Choosing a Trampoline

When buying, choose one that is appropriate for all ages. This will allow any person to enjoy the sport. If you want to be specific as to who would be using it, you can hunt for one as per the maximum weight limit allowed on the frame.
Note that trampolines for entertainment purposes are mostly circular, whereas those for professional use are usually rectangular in shape. Determine, if you want an additional safety net around the frame.
You can even choose one with a ladder for younger and older people to enjoy their bouncing sessions. Make sure that the ladder is removable, so as to prevent small children using it when not being watched by an adult. You can also select one with an overhead tent.

Setting Up a Trampoline

Installing Legs and Extensions

In the set, you get 'legs', which are to be unfolded; curved stretches of the frame sections; a jump pad; many springs; and other components. All these when assembled and secured together make a complete trampoline.
Open the package, find the legs, and open them up. It is better if you take help of two other individuals during the process of set up. Take the legs and extensions and join them together in a way which would make them in a 'U' shape.
The number of legs you need to work on would depend on how big the trampoline is. After you are done with assembling all the legs, keep them aside.

Joining Legs and Frame

Now the next step is to join all curved parts of the frame to make a complete circle. If you have a large trampoline, make sure you assemble it where it is actually to be placed and use. By doing so, there will be no need to move the heavy setup later on.
Take one curved piece of the frame and join it with the other using screws and screwdrivers or whatever instrument is needed. Work on all pieces and make a circular frame for the jump pad. You now need to join the structure made by assembling the legs with the frame. Use set-screws, and tighten them firmly as per the instructions manual provided.

Installing the Jump Pad

Take one corner of the jump pad, insert one end of a spring in its ring, and the other in the hole in the circular frame. Since it is a matter of tension, the jump pad is to be set up with equal tension on all sides.
Think about the trampoline frame as a clock's border, and the place where you just attached the spring as the 12 o'clock position on it. Decide about the place on the frame which will relate to 6 o'clock, and join the spring to the frame and pad.
Now, shift to the 3 o'clock position and attach the frame and pad, after which you need to go right opposite, where 8:45 o'clock position would be on the frame. Work in this manner on the frame and stretch the jump pad across tightly. If the frame cover is provided, spread it on the frame from all sides.

Placing the Trampoline

When you have decided to set up a trampoline in a certain place, you need to examine the surrounding areas. See to it that it is placed a little away from any wall or barrier which may prove dangerous during play, if someone falls off during it.
Also ensure that the space over is high enough, at least till the highest possible level that a person can jump. Make sure that the it is placed on a flat surface and stands firm and securely when it is being used.
To install the trampoline securely, you at least need a total of three strong people. The toughest job is to stretch the pad across the frame. To prevent any kind of injury, you should first refer to the instruction manual and thoroughly go through it, especially concentrating on the warning sections.