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Ladder Golf Rules

Dhanashree Patane Mar 4, 2020
To enjoy a fair ladder golf game, understanding the ladder golf rules and the game itself, is important. Let's have a quick look at the rules and instructions of this fun game.
With the weekends and summers getting more active and playful, introducing games and activities that make one mentally and physically active are required. For outdoor fun and activity, a ladder golf game makes the best choice. We all know this game with different names like Bolo Toss and Blongo Ball, etc.
Most of the time, you will find the rules and regulations for the game different. That is because of the difference in the name, and different people frame the rules accordingly. This game can be purchased all made, or you can also build your own golf ladder game at home.
All you need is some of the best ladder golf building plans. There sure are many easy ways to build a ladder golf game. So get going with your creative building skills and invite your friends for an all home designed ladder golf. For this game, being fair and just is required. That is when playing the game will give you a fun and a sporty feeling.
In this game, there are certain aspects of rules and strategies of play. So what would you do to understand most of the rules of ladder golf, to enjoy this outdoor game without hassle. Simple, just make sure you read through the ladder golf rules mentioned below. Are we ready then? Let's play...

Ladder Golf Game

The ladder golf game is an outdoor game played with two or more teams. Ideally most people will play with two teams, but with more than two teams playing the game, it is even more fun. In each team, there is one or more players.
The game consists of a setup which has a ladder with 3 rungs, and a rope that has two golf balls or rubber balls attached to it, which is known as a bola. The players have to toss the bola so as to wrap it around the steps or the rungs of the ladder. Each player gets 3 bolas to play, one at each time.

Playing Ladder Golf

Before the game begins, the teams must toss a coin to decide who plays first for the tossing of bolas. After the first round of each team, the team with the maximum number of points plays first in the next round
  • The toss line is marked which is the spot from where the players will toss the bola. This is set at about 15 feet distance from the ladder.
  • Every player in the team will get one turn to toss the bolas, and all three bolas need to be tossed one after the other by the player. Once the player finishes his / her turn, the next player must toss his set of bolas. The way a player tosses the bolas is an individual choice.
  • After each player finishes the turn in both teams, the team with maximum points plays the first turn in the following round.
  • The scoring rules are simple. If you hang the bola in the top rung (ladder step) you score 3 points, for the bola on the second or middle rung the player earns 2 points, and for the last rung you score 1 point..
.. In case you wrap all the bolas on one rung only, you score an additional bonus of 1 point. The players can also knock off the opponent's bolas off the rung, so the points will be deducted from their score, which counts as defensive play.
  • The total number of points to win is 21. The team must make 21 points to win, the player should be the only one to make 21 points by the end of the round to win. If the exact total of 21 is achieved and the player goes above this score, all the points scored are considered void. 
They are not counted for the particular round and the player carries the points to the next round.
Check this example to understand better: A player earns 18 points in one round and has 5 points yet to be counted on the ladder, the 5 points are not considered and the player has to carry the 18 points to the next round and earn exact 3 points in that round to make a total of 21.
  • If the game ends in a tie, the player of the teams in a tie can play rounds turn by turn and stop once any player is exactly 2 points ahead of his competitor. This rule is applicable only in case of a tie, and not to tweak the game in any other way.
  • When playing in teams and not individually, four people can play ladder golf. The players can play alternatively with their teammates. You can also include an extra ladder in the game. So on one side with a ladder there will be two opponents from different teams and on the other side two opponents.
All is fair as long as it is ethical. You can distract the other team from focusing. But make sure it does not sound or hint to be any bit offensive. Rest all, follow the ladder golf rules and just enjoy this lovely game!