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List of Words Containing Both the Letters X and Z

Christina Andrew
We give you a list of all the possible words that would win you some really good scores in the game of puzzle, if you are stuck with the two monstrous letters X and Z. We have arranged for a comprehensive list of words containing X and Z. You can thank us later!

Don't Be Surprised!

Ever imagined there could be around 105 words with both X and Z in them?

Don't Be Surprised!

Words with both the letters X and Z in them seem difficult to picture in our minds, and we think there can't be many that we know of. But as you read this article, you will realize that there are many words that we have read, written, and use daily as we speak that just won't kick in when we need them the most!
Now, we would need such words only for some word puzzle games! One of the most popular ones we know of is Scramble. It is a game we all have played as kids, and as adults with friends and family. We love to win, don't we? However, for those who don't know, Scramble is an amazing word puzzle game, with every letter containing points.
The more words you make, the more you score. So, why do words with X and Z have so much importance? That's because X has 8, and Z has 10 points, the highest amongst all the other alphabets.

Most of the words can be extended by using 'ed', 's', 'ing', 'tion', 'tive', and 'able' as suffixes and thus can be elongated to score even more points!
Axiomatize (ed), (s), (ing), (ation)

Contextualize (ed), (s), (ing), (ation)

Desexualize (ed), (s), (ing), (ation)

Deoxidize (ers), (ed), (s), (ing), (ation)

Exteriorize (ed), (s), (ing), (ation)

Externalize (ed), (s), (ing), (ation)
Extravaganza (s)

Epoxidize (ed), (s), (ing), (ation)

Expertize (ed), (s), (ing), (ation)

Exahertz (s)

Exoenzyme (s)

Exorcize (ers), (ed), (s), (ing)
Hydroxyzine (s)

Isoalloxazine (s)

Isocarboxazid (s)

Lexicalize (ed), (s), (ing), (ation)

Maximize (ed), (s), (ing), (ation)

Nonoxidize (ers), (ed), (s), (ing), (ation)
Oxidize (ers), (ed), (s), (ing), (ation), (able)

Oxygenize (ed), (s), (ing)

Oxazepam (s)

Oxazine (s)

Photooxidize (ed), (s), (ing), (ation), (tive)

Reoxidize (ers), (ed), (s), (ing), (ation)
Sexualize (ed), (s), (ing), (ation)

Texturize (ed), (s), (ing), (ation)



Zax (es)