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Delightfully Simple Magic Card Tricks For Kids

Pragya T
Magic shows are very popular at kid's birthday parties. The slide of hand and the mere simplicity of the trickery captivate their attention and spark curiosity.
Every time, a magician performs a trick, the audience is awed. A magic trick can be as complicated as making a person vanish, to as simple as, fishing out a quarter from someone's ear. They are nothing but illusions, which make the trick seem unbelievable. This process of creating illusions, is the secret that is guarded by every magician.
Magic card tricks are a popular form of entertainment, and simple card tricks are the opening act of most magic performances. These tricks never cease to astonish. However, ensure that you practice the card tricks first, before performing them in front of an audience.

Guessing The Card Trick

  • Look quickly at the bottom card of the deck, and memorize it. Let's say, it is the Queen of Hearts.
  • Spread the deck of cards, face down on a table.
  • Ask somebody to pick a card and memorize it.
  • Then ask the spectator to cut the deck in two parts. Separate these two halves.
  • Now ask the person to put their card on top of the deck, that is place it on the right side. Place the deck that was kept on the left side, on top of the deck that is on the right side.
  • Lay the cards on the table face up, and look for the bottom card, that is, the Queen of Hearts. The card which is immediately to the left, is the card that the person chose.

The Rising Card Trick

  • For this trick, you need to learn how to locate the spectator's card, which you can do by using the guessing card trick that has been explained above.
  • After you figure out the spectator's card, put this card on top of the deck.
  • Now hold the deck face up, in your left hand. Put the first finger of your right hand, on top of the deck, and the thumb around it. Place rest of the fingers, behind the deck.
  • The secret of rising the card is to move the last card with your little finger, and simultaneously move your first finger, which is on top of the deck.

Magnetic Magic Hand

  • Cut a small flap, in the middle of the card. Pull the flap out, from the face-down side of the card.
  • Stick this card, back-to-back, on top of another card, keeping the flap free. This is the magic card required for the trick.
  • The flap should be of the right size so that you can hold it horizontally between your middle finger and the ring finger. The flap should not be so big, that it can be seen by your spectators.
  • Hold the gimmick card between your fingers by the flap and arrange 6 cards around the magic card. Make sure the magic card lies, at the bottom of all the cards, so that when you turn your palm to face the audience, the weight of the rest of cards, will be held by the magic card.
  • Now show these cards to the audience, by holding your palm up. Keep a thumb placed on the magic card.
  • Now shift your palm down, and release the thumb. Voila! All the cards will be still sticking to your palm.

Vanishing Card Trick

  • For this trick, you need a hemmed handkerchief, a toothpick and a deck of cards.
  • Take a toothpick and carve it, so that it matches the width of a playing card. The excess of the toothpick can be removed using a pair of scissors or a penknife.
  • Insert this toothpick into the hem of the handkerchief.
  • Fan out the deck of cards on a table. Lay the handkerchief on top of the deck, such that the part of the handkerchief with the toothpick, is near you.
  • Now hold the toothpick, between your fingers and say "I am going to make this card invisible!"  giving the illusion, that you are holding a card.
  • Shake the handkerchief and open it to show it to the audience.
Whenever you are performing these magic tricks for kids, use phrases that famous magicians use. Say things like, now you will see the amazing magic of... or abracadabra, etc. This will make your card trick more mesmerizing. So gather your audience, and perform these tricks with flair.