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Outdoor Team Building Activities

Mukta Gaikwad
Imbibing team spirit is an important part of growing up. Read on for some interesting outdoor team building activities, that can help your child or your students cooperate with each other.
Team building, today, is considered a very integral part of public congregations. These can be corporate houses, schools, colleges, meeting, and other probabilities where people come together.
Team building is a crucial part of achieving the goals efficiently and in an organized way. Outdoor team building activities, help kids develop team spirit which eventually become the foundation for their future.

Activities for Kids

Relay Lock Race

Divide the players in pairs. The pairs have to stand back-to-back with arms intertwined and locked. When the facilitator gives them a 'GO' signal, the pairs run to the finish line. Don't give the pairs any specific instruction about how to reach the target. Let the pairs manage on their own. It is a great way of knowing the other person and working in teams.

Shoe Game

This is a game to be played with kids, as adults would fuss about dirtying hands in a pile of shoes! Divide participants in two teams, ask them to remove their shoes. In the middle of the ground, make a pile of shoes and mix them up. Blow the whistle and let both teams jump into the pile to find their shoes. Whoever gets their shoes first, obviously wins!
Divide the participants in two teams, ask them to remove both their shoes. In the middle of the ground, make a pile of shoes and mix them all up. Blow the whistle and let both the team jump into the pile to find their shoes. The one that can get their shoes first, obviously wins!


Divide the participants into 3-4 teams. Hand each team required materials, such as newspaper, glue, scotch tape, scissors, and colors. Next ask them to sculpt the spirit of the company or workplace. The sculpture which signifies and explains the spirit well, is the clear winner!

Human Web

Give a ball of string to a person. The rule of the game is that the ball is passed to the person who talks.
Play this as a word association game. Eventually, the string would form a web, which is a great way of signifying the connection between each participant.

Pseudo Amnesia

One of the participant pretends to have amnesia. The others around him, try to build up the pretender's past life. The pretender is allowed to ask questions such as 'what is my name?', 'where do I live?', 'what am I doing here?' and so on. This way the person gets an insight into what people think of him.

All Abroad

Take a large sheet of paper and have everyone stand on it. Once done, ask them to step down and fold the paper. Once again, ask the everyone to step back on the paper. Keeping doing this till the time the paper gets smaller and smaller.
The smaller the paper gets the more cooperation it will demand from the players to be on it. This will take a great deal of teamwork from students to fit on the paper. Finally, the ones who remain on the paper, will be the winners!
Through these games and activities, the kids will learn to work as a team, as a group, and accept defeat gracefully. They will learn to work for a collective goal and think of other team members as companions who must be helped and supported.