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What to Pack in Your Picnic Basket

Sheetal Mandora
The only way you can enjoy a relaxed and romantic picnic with someone if you've properly packet the basket. Here are some helpful pointers on what should you be putting in that basket.
An elegant and well-planned picnic is appropriate for a romantic setting. While our personal lives can sometimes be put on hold due to our busy lives, spending meaningful time with someone special is also important.
When you can't possibly think of doing anything for the weekend, but still wish to spend an inexpensive, yet quality time with your sweetheart, you can plan an affordable picnic for two.

Selecting the Spot

First things first―location. Of course, depending on where you prefer to take your date, you will need to brainstorm through some choices. Ideas on planning the menu and packing the basket will begin as soon as you finalize a spot.
Your choices are:

➽ The beach (find a quiet, secluded spot)
➽ The mountains (talk to the park ranger for safe spots)
➽ The park (somewhere secluded, but safe)
➽ Outdoor garden theater (ideally in the night)
➽ Your backyard (decorate with romantic lights and candles)
➽ In front of your fireplace

Planning the Menu

Now to make this picnic extra-special, although each picnic date should  be special and innovative to keep the romance alive, you might want to do more than just tossing in some sandwiches and juices.
➽ Decide what's going to be on the menu. There are many picnic food ideas you can choose from, all you need to do is select what you both enjoy eating the most.

➽ Next on the list is, the refreshing beverages. Depending on what time of the day you have planned the picnic, consider packing champagne, sparkling wine, some summer drinks, or fresh fruit juices.
➽ Last, but certainly not the least for planning the menu, add some creative flare to the picnic basket. Your partner is going to be counting on you to make the date something he/she will always remember. So, think outside the context of sandwiches and salads, and go one step further to plan the menu.

Packing the Basket

On the day of your date, there are some guidelines or instructions you need to follow as you start packing. Turn unbelievably romantic picnics into reality; she'll love you for it.
Hint #1: Select the basket, bag, or wicker hamper to place your food and beverages in. Make sure it is substantial than placing the food inside the grocery bags.

Hint #2: Depending on what you will be eating and drinking on the picnic, glasses, utensils, and cutlery is a must. Along with cotton napkins, grab some paper towels as well.
Hint #3: Don't forget the condiments. Add small bottles of mustard, mayonnaise, and chili sauce in the basket. Or, pour all it in a small plastic squeeze bottles to save space.

Hint #4: Pack a small cooler to keep your beverages in. An extra bag to carry, but really worth it. Your aim is to make the entire picnic to be perfect, don't forget the tiny elements.
Hint #5: Now for the miscellaneous items, also a must need for picnics. You will need insect repellents, hand sanitizer, some trash bags, and baby wipes. Place the items in another bag and your basket is ready.

Contents of the Basket

➽ 1 insulated corduroy cooler bag
➽ 1 insulated corduroy wine duffel bag
➽ 1 fleece blanket
➽ 1 cutting board
➽ 1 cheese knife with wood handle
➽ 1 stainless steel corkscrew
➽ 2 wine glasses
➽ 2 food containers
➽ 2 porcelain plates
➽ 2 sets of stainless steel utensils
➽ 4 cotton napkins
➽ Stainless steel salt and pepper shakers
Organizing a picnic is not just a way to spend some time together, but also to enjoy each others' company and make the relationship that much stronger. The idea may seem small, but it certainly brings two people closer than ever.