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Ideas for Making a Picnic Basket

Aastha Dogra

If you are planning to go on a picnic, a basket is most certainly essential. Some creative picnic basket ideas are given here.
A picnic basket is used to carry the essentials for a picnic. Earlier, the designs were simple - just a simple cane or a plastic basket packed with finger foods and fruits. Today, we have plastic containers, which are suitable to carry.
However, there's no substitute for the comfort, familiarity and nostalgia of earlier hampers. Nowadays, a variety of materials are used offering numerous features, making us think as to which one to buy.
Also, with modern-day living hardly giving us time, we are at a loss to know which convenient eatables to carry in these sets. If you are in a similar confusion, here are some picnic basket ideas, which you will surely find handy.


➥ When choosing the package, look for the ones, which look good as well as function well.
➥ Insulated ones, which keep the food hot and the beverages cool at the same time can be extremely useful.
➥ Use a waterproof bag for the rainy season.
➥ For family picnics, there are many baskets available in the market, which come with additional storage.
➥ They contain extra compartments in which lots of things can be stored.
➥ For people who are looking for convenience, the ones that come with wheels are ideal. They come in a large size and have enough storage for food, drinks, cutlery, silverware, table cloth, blankets, etc.


➥ When deciding the menu, include foods which can remain fresh for a long time.
➥ Foods easy to carry and convenient to eat are ideal. Like veg, macaroni or meat sandwiches.
➥ For health-conscious people, potato, egg, and simple vegetable salads can be included.
➥ For snacking, one can take fruits as well as nuts.
➥ Cakes, chocolates, and candies should be included too, especially for kids.
Here are two very easy recipes made using pita bread, which you can include in your menu.

Tuna Sandwich

➥ Take tinned tuna fish in a bowl.
➥ Add chopped red onions and mix well.
➥ Pour 1 tbsp mayonnaise. Add salt, pepper and oregano. Mix well.
➥ Take the pita bread, fill with this mix and sandwich is ready.

Vegetable Sandwich

➥ Mix together finely-chopped cucumber, tomato, red onions, bell pepper, basil leaves, and black olives in a bowl.
➥ Add some peanut butter, and mix well.
➥ Now, fill this mixture in a pita pocket and you're done.
These are some handy ideas while planning an outdoor trip. So, go buy a picnic basket today, and decorate and fill it in the most creative way to make it unforgettable for your family.