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Energetic Picnic Games for Kids

Aastha Dogra
Looking for some interesting picnic games for kids? Here are five of the most enjoyable ones.
So, you have planned a picnic with your friends and family, and are really looking forward to spending quality time with them? If you are someone who does this quite often, you would know that adults can talk, and share stories, but when it comes to children, they need constant activities to keep their minds occupied.
If you have planned a picnic with kids, and are looking for some interesting activities, then given below are a few enjoyable, adventurous, and funny games. This way, they wouldn't pester you, and will be tired out by the end of the day.

Catch Me If You Can

To play this game, divide the kids into pairs of twos. Give each of the pairs one water balloon. The pair now has to throw and catch the balloon, without bursting it. They have to throw balloons at each other instantly, without waiting even for a second.
Every time a kid catches the balloon, he has to step back a little. As the distance between the kids in pairs increases, you will see a lot of balloons falling and bursting, invoking lots of laughter.

Balance It Out

Most children enjoy when they compete to win. So, what better way to keep up their interests and energy levels than having a race? To make racing fun, add a twist to it. Keep 2 small stones on each child's head. If while running the pebbles fall, the kid has to go back, and start his race from the start. Thus, balancing and racing can be too funny.

Dance Baby Dance!

You will need a boombox and a prerecorded CD with some good dancing numbers. Divide the kids and adults into groups. Remember to keep the number of adults in each group same. Now, each of these groups has to give an impromptu dance performance on the song being played on the CD.
They have to make sure that they are well-coordinated when they do this. Appoint three judges, two adults, and one kid to rank the various groups. As each group comes and performs, their unpreparedness will show, and you will see a riot of laughter in the audience.
In the end, the judges declare the winner, not on the basis of who dances the best, but on how much enjoyment the group was able to provide to the audience. This activity can serve as a great birthday party game as well.

Hunt It Down

Are you game for a little bit of adventure? If yes, have the kids search the area where you have come for a picnic, to find the little treasures hidden there. In simple words, plan a scavenger hunt for the kids in which you give them a list of things such as a leaf, yellow flower, three stones, etc., which the kids have to get from the area around.
To play this, divide them into teams of three-five, and give them the list of things. Make sure that the things that are listed are available around that area. The team which gets all the items in the list in the minimum time, wins.

Whose Shoes?

This is another interesting picnic and party game. Make the children stand in a circle. Ask them to remove one of their shoes, and place them in the middle of the circle. When they come back and form the circle again, blindfold them.
Shuffle the shoes in the middle. Blow a whistle, and tell them to find their shoe. The children break the circle, and try to locate their shoe by touching all the shoes. The one who finds his shoe first is declared the winner.
Including some of the games mentioned here is the perfect way to have fun. After all, it's not only the kids who enjoy themselves by participating in them. The adults too have the time of their life while watching their children laugh and play, winning or losing notwithstanding.