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Pool Games for Adults

Shrinivas Kanade
Pool parties offer a great opportunity to relax, and have fun. Read on to know more about different pool party games for adults.
Pool games are a great way of getting together around a swimming pool, and enjoying yourself. For a change, this will keep you from indulging in discussions about stocks and share prices, or office gossip. With courtesies and preliminaries of the arrival, and a beer or drink under the belt, someone shouts, "Hey guys, how about a water-gun fight?".
Within no time, one thing leads to another, and in succession, pool games engross you. Are you now planning to host the next pool party? Here are some fun adult-sized games you should know about, in order to arrange for them.

Pool Party Games for Adults

The game you may elect to set your party rolling depends on the mood of the gathering, preparation, and so many other factors. However, if it is a sunny day, then you have timed your party very rightly for a water-gun fight. Some of these games will also serve as pool games for kids.

Gun Fight

Kick-start your party by switching to the child-mode. You must have enjoyed gun fights many times as kids. However, this time you will be playing to win. All you have to do, is hide or protect yourself from getting wet, and shoot the water-gun at the other players. The logic for choosing the winner is simple.
Ideally, the winner of the game is the one who drips less than the rest. Let's hope you enjoy your gun fight to the hilt, and find it difficult to choose the winner.

Poolside Dance

You are not expected to do a formal dance, which anyway wouldn't be suitable for the occasion. To let the others have a peep into the funny side of your personality, and make them laugh, you are to do a funny dance.
It should be as funny as possible, because that is the way to win this contest. Set lose the clown in you, and push some people into the pool. This will at least encourage the others to jump in as well.


This is one game that is going to set the whole lot shouting encouragements and curses. Appoint a jailer. His task is to be at the deep end of the pool, and tag anyone crossing from one side to the other.
Those on the sides have 20, 30, or 40 seconds to beat the jailer, and swim across the pool. Those who are caught become jailers, and the game ends when there is only one untagged player.

Sturdy Horse and Mighty Rider

It is believed that when the Spanish reached the shores of America, natives welcomed them. The Spanish party came on the beach riding on their horses. It was the first time the natives saw a horse. One of the natives raised his sword, and cut a horse's head.
The horse fell, but the rider got up after the fall. The natives were considering the horse and the rider on it to be one single animal. Hence, you can understand the fright that the rider gave to the natives by his simple act of getting up after the fall. This story is just a demonstration of how this game demands you to think like the natives.
One person sits on the shoulder of his or her partner, and tries to dislodge the other rider from his or her perch. If the rider falls in the pool, it is also an end to the horse's game. The pair that lasts the longest, wins.
The rules of this party game are simple. The teammate playing the horse's role needs to be strong. However, be careful to maintain considerable distance from the sides of the pool.
Recreational activities such as pool games, trekking, camping, etc., are very useful in breaking the routine and set patterns of daily life. They give you an opportunity to divert your attention for some time, take in some fresh air, and enjoy life.