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Really Hard Games

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
Ever been confounded by some really hard games, but found it difficult to wean yourself away from them? That is the charm of difficult games - you just can't let go unless you have figured out how to master it, which can take you hours, days, and sometimes, even years!
Have you been hovering over that board for the last four hours wondering what it is that keeps you brushing against victory while the latter manages to slip out just when it ought not to? Have the markings on your video game remote control faded (owing to your frantic thumbing) for that one game which, somehow, reads GAME OVER just before you thought you'll clear the next level? Well, well, you seem to have been ensnared in the frustratingly addictive warp of difficult games that play the mirage - attracting then evading!

Most Difficult Games of all Time

The following list consists of some really tough games for kids as well as adults! How many of the below have you managed to sail through without so much as ruffling your feathers (or hair!?)?


This one is a pretty difficult strategic board game published by Hasbro. One of the best board games ever, Risk can be played by six players at a time by taking turns. The game follows on lines of capturing political territories from other players by rolling higher values on the dice. The board illustrates a political map of the Earth, which is divided into forty-two territories.
These territories are clustered under six continents. The player who captures all territories first is declared the winner. This is played using seventy-two Risk Cards (forty-two of which stand for territories and one is given to a player after each territory capture) and colorful tokens symbolizing different army ranks and outfits such as infantry, cavalry, and artillery, each outfit standing for a specific number of units.


Very popular, but very difficult, this word puzzle is by far the most stimulating yet difficult puzzle game of all time! Hey, did I just see you smirk? If you find it funny that I mention crosswords in this list, you must probably have played and successfully completed those ubiquitous newspaper crosswords with a low difficulty level!
Try solving some of the crosswords in The Times Crossword Masterclass or Crossword no. 5,678,709 on crossword.org to discover what REAL crosswords are! Also, crosswords is one of the best games to play when bored at home!


Originally known as contract bridge, this one is perhaps the most difficult card game to master. It is played by four players in a set of two competing partnerships and a standard deck of 52 cards is used for playing bridge. It requires critical thinking, sharp memory, creativity, and strategy forming skills. The luck factor is there but it is negligent, compared to the skill and experience.

Resident Evil 5

Also known as Biohazard this is among the toughest to play on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Resident Evil 5 continues the plot of the previous four installments and revolve around the investigation of a terrorist threat by Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar. The gameplay is similar to that of Resident Evil 4. The Resident Evil series count among the best Xbox 360 games of all time!


Launched by David M√ľnnich in July 2004, Notpron is ranked among the top ten tough online games in the recent times! This is basically a puzzle with a linear format and a player must clear one level to progress to the next. The catch is that there are a total of 140 levels!
Those who complete all levels and solve the riddles are awarded certificates that acknowledge the winner's audio, HTML development, and image editing knowledge as well as intensive understanding of computers and music. It also certifies the logical and reasoning skills of the winner!
Those were some really hard games for any age! Beside the aforementioned, certain brain power games such as Sudoku, Scrabble, and Chess are also considered pretty hard to play. These games have been shortlisted for their difficulty based on the opinion of a majority of players who participated in an informal poll.
Whether or not you find these difficult may depend upon your experience and expertise. I believe that games which give you a tough time are really worth playing as the challenge gives you a kick! If you continue stubbornly pursuing the solution, you would definitely crack these games in due time! Till then, follow the hunting axiom: Enjoy the chase - sometimes it thrills more than the kill!