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Recreational Activities to Do With Kids During Pandemic Lockdown

Shantanu Godase
As a result of Covid-19 pandemic, the government declared lockdown and even if things are reopening, schools would be the last to open up.
In this scenario, most of the parents are wondering how to get their child engaged in recreational activities while being indoors. Here is a list of activities that you can do to keep your kids away from boredom.
It is always beneficial to learn new languages other than the primary language. There are plenty of apps available online where kids can explore about various lingos.
Learning a New Language
This is a perfect way to keep children occupied with some knowledge gaining. Online apps in the form of games can also help the child learn languages, making it a fun session.
With innovative art and crafts, you can keep your children engaged. This is a good way of honing their artistic skills and making them creative. 
Arts and Crafts
Few activities like painting, knitting, sewing and crocheting can help children sharpen their minds.
Play Scrabble
A great way to build the stacks for words with their spellings. It will not only build your child's vocabulary but will also help to brush up on difficult words' spellings.
Plenty of interesting scrabble games are available on internet to keep the little scholars busy.
It is a brilliant activity to make your child innovative and talented. The ornaments made from this dough may last for years if kept in good conditions. 
Making Salt Dough Jewelry
Also, when the children are rolling, squishing and cutting the dough, they are actually strengthening their small fingers' muscles.
Cooking and Baking
During this period, you can train your kids by giving them tips on cooking. With kids, it can be a fun activity as they love to make dough, batters and wash vegetables.
This quarantine is actually a great time to teach your little chefs.
Practice Yoga
It is perhaps the healthiest option for your children during lockdown. By means of practicing yoga, kids would get to know the importance of good health.
It will increase the flexibility and strength of bones and muscles. It will also improve their concentration.
Moms are perhaps the best home tutor for kids specially for activities like dancing. Kids love to dance on different music when they have daddy and mommy as their partners.
This is a great time to embrace your kid with such a skill. It will increase their confidence and will become a fun workout for all.
Practice Gardening
Kids are a bundle of energy. Great outdoor activities can keep them amused for hours.
Gardening is the activity they love to participate in. Practice planting trees with your kids to educate them the importance of trees.
No matter what activities your child is engaged in, you must capture these moments and share them with the world around you.
Share Your Lock-Down Stories With the World
Take pictures and videos of your child during his 'at-home' moments, and create a beautiful Album using Web Story as content format.
Share them with your friends and family and show them how your young one is utilizing this free time with learning something new.
You can create Web Stories with Visual Stories Tool very easily. Add your own images or videos and choose some background music from the music library if you like. Make your stories more attractive by using features like animations. Share them among your community and make your child shine among his buddies!
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