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Scary Games to Play in the Dark

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Kids love playing scary games in the dark. There is a certain element of mystery surrounding these games which makes it very intriguing for them. Here are some fun scary games to play in the dark.
Usually people don't think of games when there is a blackout. It is dark, quiet and you normally can't do anything without making a noise or banging into someone. The biggest disadvantage of a blackout is the loss of entertainment. There is no TV, kids can't even play outside because of no lights and which dangers their safety.
But who says games can be played only when there are lights? There are a number of games which can be played with friends in the dark and inside the comfort of a house.
However, be careful not to play these games with people who are frightened by darkness or you'll end up giving them a panic attack. These games are certainly not horrifying but some people just cannot handle the whole idea of such games.

The Ouija Board

This game is a classic. It has been around for ages and is still one of the most popular scary games to play, especially during a blackout. Playing the Ouija Board is pretty simple - you begin by asking a question and wait for the answer from the scary oracle.
The players sit around the board and place their fingers gently on the message indicator, and one player asks a question. All the players who are playing have to concentrate very hard on the question. Closing your eyes while concentrating is a must and even makes it more spooky.
Now, wait for the indicator to move. The indicator stops and your answer is revealed through its message window. Bring on your scary questions to Ouija board.

Simpsons Tree House of Horror Monopoly

The Simpsons Tree House of Horror Monopoly is a very popular and scary board game for kids. To play this game, players first have to purchase scary themed properties from the Simpsons Scary Tree House. It is your good old-fashioned monopoly game with a Simpsons background.
The game features the very popular custom tree house of Horror illustrations and 6 glow-in-the-dark tokens to add a new dimension of fun to this game. The biggest advantage of this game is that it is time-consuming, which usually means less chance of getting bugged.

Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

This scary game gives me the creeps. It starts with players laying their hands slightly under the volunteer who is lying on the floor. All the players gather around the volunteer and one of them starts narrating a scary tale about the volunteer's life and his/her unfortunate and scary death.
Once the story is complete, the participants surround the volunteer's body and chant loudly "Light as a feather, stiff as a board" and lift the volunteer's body off the ground. The gist of the game is that the volunteer has to feel that haunting spirits are assisting in the lifting. This is one of the best games to play with friends.

Bloody Mary

I am not referring to the famous cocktail. This Bloody Mary is actually a scary game which is generally avoided by many kids as the game has an urban legend attached to it. To play this game, you go into a dark room with a mirror and a candle. Go and stand in front of the mirror and chant "Bloody Mary" 3 times.
The legend says that the ghastly spirit of Bloody Mary will appear and attack you. There are many other theories related with this game and this game is also given as a dare to many people. To make it more spooky, tell the volunteer to go and chant Bloody Mary 5 to 10 times.
Trust me, he/she is going to have goose bumps. Bloody Mary is a very popular sleepover game among girls.

Hide and Seek

Almost everyone is familiar with this game. One player counts till ten, while others go and hide in places where they can't be found. Normally Hide and Seek is played in the outdoors but this time it is inside and with darkness adding an element of thrill to the game. To make the environment more spooky, players can make scary voices and try to confuse the seeker.
So these were some of my favorite scary games to play in the dark. You can play these games with your folks, friends and all the people who can handle an extra pinch of spooky excitement associated with these games. Have fun and don't take these games too seriously.