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Share Your Lockdown Memories Using Web Stories

Manali Oak
Which part of the world are you reading this from? Is there still a lockdown in your city? How are you spending this time; with your family, staying alone, working from home? If the lockdown in your area is over, you must be having some lockdown memories. Share them using Web Stories.
Web Stories because they are fast-loading and visually engaging like social media stories, but they are searchable on the open web and can rank on Google's 1st page. So by writing in this format, you reach a wider audience.
Why Web Stories?
How to create Web Stories? Visual Stories gives you the platform and the tool to create them. Sign up, select a category and create Stories. They will be published in that category and be seen on the Visual Stories homepage. Unlike social media Stories, they won't be deleted.
If you have lots of Stories to share, consider starting your own website. It's like creating a page on social media, but the difference is: with Web Stories there's a higher reach and visibility.
When you sign up with Visual Stories, you get access to the Visual Story Builder (a mobile compatible tool with a WYSIWYG editor) using which you can create Web Stories. You also get free access to a media library of music and millions of images to be added to your Stories. You can also upload your own images and videos in Stories.
Create an online photo album or scrapbook of your lockdown memories. It's easy with Web Stories. Plus, it will stay forever without you having to preserve it.
If you have shot videos of your fun activities during lockdown, you can upload them in your Story. In fact, your Stories could be a collection of just photos and/or videos of your lockdown memories.
Write Stories of how you kept the kids busy during lockdown, or fun games you played online with your family or friends.
Write Stories about the hobbies you pursued during free time or anything innovative you engaged in.
Spent more time cooking during lockdown? Made a dalgona coffee, baked cakes or experimented with continental dishes? Share your culinary activities through Web Stories.
Found time for gardening? Share your garden's pictures in Web Stories.
Rediscovered your skills in art? Dance, music, painting, DIY crafts or anything else? Take photos and put them together into a Web Story for readers to take inspiration from.
Found time to take up online courses that will help your creative pursuits or your career? Share your experiences using Web Stories.
Some of you may have grown closer to your family members and reconnected with some old friends you hadn't spoken to.
The lockdown may have been difficult initially, but then you must have gotten used to being home all the time and invented fun things to spend time.
Share how this change in you and your relationships has been, through Web Stories.
You may have started exercising at home, paying more attention to your diet and being more careful about cleanliness. To cope with the stress caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, you may have turned to new ways of relaxation.
You may have become more grateful towards your work, your family, and community service workers and more respectful towards medical professionals and local authorities. Write how life-changing the lockdown has been.
Oh, your experiences working from home may turn into some shareworthy Stories.
That important online meeting when the Internet went slow or that moment when you were about to complete some work and your device's battery went low.
A video conference when your kid peeped into the camera or that awkward moment when your pet dog barked into your mic.
Some of you may have experienced a rise in productivity and the pleasure of working from the comfort of your home. The flexibility in timings and place may have made some of you more efficient.
You may have missed your workplace and coworkers initially, then set up a nice home office for yourself. Share how your journey has been, through Web Stories.
Since Web Stories can rank in search engines, you will enjoy a greater reach. Since they are highly engaging and mobile-first, readers will enjoy them more. Visual Stories makes it easy for you to create them.
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