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10 Stupid Things Everyone Does While Alone at Home

Sai Kardile
Humans are social animals, which means we have to behave all the time and stick to certain social rules to be accepted as 'normal' or 'acceptable'. But how long can you suppress that visceral 'you' from acting freely? Given are common, stupid things we all do when we are alone at home.
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
― Albert Einstein
The only place where we are actually allowed to have a little (or huge) rectal turbulence is either within the four walls of our toilet or when we are ALONE. But this isn't the only fun thing or stupid thing that you can do or you do, in general when you are by yourself. Explore some imbecile things that we all do when given the privilege of solitude.

Trip the light fantastic

Wohooo! Yey Yey, You are alone baby! Awaken that inner sensual God/Goddess in you and cut some serious rug anywhere- footstool, kitchen counter or that rickety chair. Every part of your body is trembling with ecstasy; you are thrilled to see your hips move exactly like Shakira or even smoother than hers, WHAM! Crap! You hurt your a**s.

Dawdle leisurely in the altogether

This is one of the most exhilarating things one can do alone―move starkers around the house. It gives you a certain feeling of POWER because you know that nowhere on earth can you walk unclad like a mighty lion/lioness but when you are by yourself. But be careful, this might freak your cat out, totally.

Have profound conversations with yourself

What if there is an alien invasion tomorrow? What if there were zombies on your trail? What should you do if Jesus was standing at my doorstep? What if you develop wizardy powers?, What if your teddy bear is not a teddy bear but a dissatisfied scorned witch?

Belt out songs in weird voice

You got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
'Cause you are a champion and you're gonna hear your roar
Louder, louder than a lion (yell so loudly that you feel as if there are billions of ants crawling in your brain)
'Cause you are a champion and you're gonna hear your roar again.
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.

Do antics before the mirror

Be it posing menacingly with a toy gun pointed at your own reflection or smirking dangerously as if mentally machinating a murder, or staring adoringly at your own pretty self, one can't deny the instant ego boost one gets by acting out in front of the mirror. Funny homo sapiens.

Be a model

Slip into your favorite dress, cake yourself, invent some sweet smooth moves, and it's SELFIE time! You wind up wearing everything from your wardrobe because you want to check if you still look awesome in them.

Watch horror videos and scare yourself

You might love that trembling sensation that can be experienced only when you are watching horror videos all alone. However, the real trembling starts when every little movement in the house starts seeming like a poltergeist's nasty prank. You might think someone is watching the screen over your shoulder.

The breaking of the wind

Oh yeah. Your Polly or series of Pollies could be let out from the jail when there's no one around to give you that scandalized expression. You would be truly surprised to find how energetic your other body opening could be! It too, could be used to make a powerful stand on things, just like your mouth. However, the smell can grossly offend your nose.

Not closing the bathroom door while urinating or defecating

This is akin to that wonderful feeling of ambling naked in the house. In everyday situations when there are people in the house, even a little wiggle of the lock makes you jump out of your toilet seat.
But when you are alone, you may utilise your freedom by keeping the door open while you answer nature's call. You realize how different your room looks as you scan it while you are seated on the toilet seat.
Other usual things that we likely to do when alone at home are- nose picking, learning a difficult song by heart so that you can swank it in front of your friends, examining your under arms carefully by smelling, having conversations with your pets, giving a deep moving emotional speech for winning the best actor award. We are all a bunch of weird people.