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Summer Games for Kids

Mayuri Kulkarni
Summer games are great to keep children busy while school is out. They'll be able to have fun while getting some crucial physical exercise. This post lists some fun indoor and outdoor games that kids can play.
The arrival of summer brings the fun and excitement of the vacation. With so much free time, kids need to engage themselves in some activities and games.

The Dolphin Relay

If you and your friends are good swimmers, you will surely enjoy this swimming pool activity. You will require around 10 players, a swimming pool and two large floating balls.
First, divide the players into two teams with an equal number of players in each team. One player from each team will jump into the water, push the ball with their nose and forehead, and swim to the other end of the pool. Touching the ball with hands or any other part of the body is not allowed.
In case this happens, the player has to start from the beginning. Once the first player has finished crossing the pool, the second player will jump in and do the same. The game continues until all the players on a team are on the other side. Whichever team finishes first wins the game.

The Snake Tag

Tagging games like "The Snake Tag" are great fun. Select a large playground and divide the kids into groups of 3 or 4. Once the groups are formed, ask each group to stand in a line. Each player has to hold on to the waist of the person standing in front of him/her in the line.
This forms a snake; the player standing at the front of the line is the head, and the one standing at the back is the tail. All the snakes have to run around in the play area, and the player who is "it" has to chase the tails of these snakes.
When a player successfully tags a tail, then the player who is the head of that snake becomes "it". The game continues and the snakes have to twist and turn in the play area and avoid losing their heads.

Who am I?

This is quite simple to play and has no special requirements. All you need to do is make a list of famous personalities and prepare tags with their names. Attach these tags to the back of each kid as he/she arrives for the party.
Every guest will ask one question to other guests and will guess the name of the celebrity. The guests can ask questions like "Am I a football player?". The game continues until each guest guesses the celebrity's name on their back.

Pass the Balloon

Take a balloon and prick it with a safety pin. Fill this balloon with water and secure its ends with some string.
All the players should stand in a circle. Pass the leaking balloon from one player to another. The player who holds the balloon when there is no water in it is the loser.