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Teamwork Activities for Children

Stephen Rampur
Teamwork activities for children play a very important role in their lives, allowing them to learn the significance of working in a team effectively. For a group to execute any task in an appropriate manner, it has to become a team and coordinate work among the members.
You may have definitely heard of the adage - "United we stand and divided we fall". If there is no unity in the members, the team will in no way achieve the desired goal. At times, a single person would need some helpers to assist him in doing a particular task. In such cases, teamwork should be given utmost importance and priority for getting the job done.

Importance of Team Building Activities

It is very essential for parents to teach their children the importance of teamwork. By doing so, children can be better team players in their years to come. Teamwork activities for children are one of the best methods of letting kids know what working in a team can do.
There are many types of teamwork activities for kids that are generally used in schools. These include fun activities and games which are certainly loved by children. Following are some of the most common and effective teamwork activities for children.

Making a Short Drama

~ This is one of the best team building activities for children; as it demands coordination, effective communication, and teamwork.
~ To make a short drama or a skit, you need to divide the children into groups of 5 - 6 members, and assign them a simple topic on which they have to act upon.
~ The kids in a group then need to decide what kind of play they are going to present and how. Allot a specific time for them to decide and practice the play, and then ask them to present the skit.
~ Award the team which has performed the best. A kids' drama is a very good option to make the children plan, coordinate, and work in a team.

Tug of War

~ What can be more fun for kids than team building games? Tug of war is one of the most popular and simplest team building games for kids.
~ You just need a strong rope, and a marking on the ground to divide the two teams. Divide the kids into two teams comprising the same number of members, and let them start the game.
~ Ensure that the surface played upon is not hard, so as to prevent injury to the children. This game requires planning and needs all the members to work collectively to win.
~ Children can also develop a little strategy while playing. All in all, a simple game that can teach a lot.

Riddles and Puzzles

~ Riddles and puzzles are also beneficial teamwork activities for children. The riddles you use for this purpose should only be possible to solve when there is collective effort and thinking.
~ If the riddles are very easy, there would be no need for teamwork. Team riddles enable children to show and meliorate their problem solving and decision-making abilities.
~ Simple games like crosswords can also help in teamwork.
~ Also remember not to use riddles and puzzles that are too difficult, else the group might give up, and use those that are neutral and do not favor any particular child.

Complex Building Blocks

~ Similar to riddles and puzzles, you can also use complex building blocks to allow the kids to try their hands at making a structure with a collective effort.
~ In this case as well, simple structures will not be appropriate in order to make the kids realize the importance of teamwork. A point to take note is that the structure should be difficult enough to involve all members of the group.
~ Thus, all team members would need to put in a collective effort to build the structure. Simply ensure that the structure to be made is something that will be easily understood by the kids.
~ A good choice will be to give structures that can be built in multiple ways, so that the collective effort can be executed in the best possible manner.

Guide Me

~ This is a game that requires teamwork as well as good listening and judgment skills. This outdoor game normally consists of two teams playing.
~ A participant from one team is blindfolded and needs to reach a particular point without touching any of the hurdles along the way, by listening to the directions and guidance of respective team members.
~ This game is very helpful for kids in developing their communication skills and judgmental abilities as well.
~ You need to make sure that there is no cheating and that the obstacles are safe to overcome. Again, do not make this too difficult, keep in mind the age and the physical ability of the group while designing the course.

Card Sorting

~ Divide everyone into 4 groups. Give each of the groups 4 card decks. Ask them to shuffle these properly.
~ The objective of the game is to sort the cards in order, placing them face up on a table. The value can be decided based on popular card games.
~ A popular order is from Ace to King, same color, same suit. The team that finishes first is the winner.
~ This game promotes leadership, and teamwork. The members have to choose a leader who will place the cards on the table, and will delegate tasks to the others like sorting only a particular suit, or only a particular color, etc.
~ The time element will also see how they react to deadlines, which will definitely improve communication and coordination of the entire team.
These are some of the most effective teamwork activities for children. There are many more activities that can be used to help build teamwork in children, and you can choose whatever you think will work best. Keeping in mind the fact that children are involved, it would be better to choose team building games and activities that, along with teamwork lessons, have some fun and excitement involved as well.