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Fabulous Trampoline Tricks

Aarti R
Trampolining is a fun sport which involves certain acrobatic skills and tricks. Here are some of the tricks that can help you enjoy jumping on the trampoline to the fullest.
Trampolining is considered as an acrobatic sport, and the trampoline is the basic tool in this fun game. Performing acrobats on the ground is a bit different than doing them on the trampoline.

Basic Trampoline Moves

There are some easy tricks that can be performed by a beginner. Some of them are as follows:

Trampoline Moves

Trampolining involves different moves that are decided by the landing position of the player. There are four moves which include landing on your feet (standing position), landing on your butt with your legs stretched out in front of you, landing on the stomach, and landing on the back.


Twists, as the name suggests, is to twist your body in the air when you jump. There are two types of twists, viz. 180-degree twist, and 360-degree twist. In the 180-degree twist, when you jump, twist your body 180 degrees from the original position. Similarly, the 360-degree twist involves twisting 360 degrees from the original position.

Body Shapes in Air

Apart from keeping your body straight, when you jump in the air, different body shapes can be performed.
There are three types of body shapes that can be performed, viz. piked, straddled, and tucked. In the piked shape, the legs are straight and together, parallel to the trampoline, and the toes are held with the hands.
The straddled shape is where the legs are spread sideways and the arms try to reach the toes. In the tucked shape, the body is curled up with the knees close to the chest, and the hands around them holding the legs in that position.

Advanced Tricks

Here are some of the intermediate and advanced tricks that can be performed on the trampoline.


There are two types of somersaults that can be performed on the trampoline. In the front somersault, you have to perform a front flip in the air and land on your feet, with your body straight. On the other hand, in the back somersault, flip the body in the backward direction and land on your feet.

Somersault With a Twist

This trick involves flipping your body in the air, followed by a twist. After the twist, land vertically. This trick requires a lot of practice and supervision at the start.

Double Somersault

In a double somersault, you need to flip your body twice in the air and then land on your feet onto the trampoline.

Multiple Somersaults

Multiple flipping involves flipping (in the front direction) the body in the air two and a half times, and after flipping, twist your body. Also, back somersaults can be performed instead of front somersaults while twisting your body in the air before landing.
A variety of other tricks can be performed using combination of the flips and the twists, and the number of times you execute them in a single jump.
Many of the tricks mentioned here are dangerous and must be performed with utmost care. Always be careful to not land off-level. Use a trampoline with padded edges and a safety net in the beginning. Preferably place the trampoline on a grass lawn.
These tricks are provided only for reference, and must be performed with the help of a professional trainer. There are trampolining clubs with certified trainers who can help you practice these tricks. That being said, the important thing is to enjoy trampolining.