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Water Games for Kids

Naomi Sarah
Kids love anything to do with water, be it splashing around in it or dousing someone from head to toe with it - it's a fun experience for youngsters. Discover some pretty cool water games for kids that will keep them preoccupied for hours on end.
It's amazing how water is so versatile in nature, with everything from electricity to games using it as a source to cater to something it would be of good use for. Water games are the funnest kind of activities to indulge oneself in, since there are so many things out there to use that are made specially for those who find water as their fun outlet.
We'll get more into how this innovative way of using water can be the most fun way to spend one's free time, especially when more than one person is involved.

Water Games for Kids to Play

Water games have been around for ages and there have been those who've perfected the art of using water as a source of fun over the years. Let's find out which games are making it big among kids and even grownups.

Water Guns

Water guns were always seen as a safe way for kids to indulge in war-like games, where they'd scamper about and run for cover while the opposing team tried to gun them down (with water) using powerful water spray guns for their purpose.
Have kids separate into two groups, with the backyard or lawn area or even a park as their battle zone. Have them pick out hiding spots, and come up with strategies on how to get to the enemy. It's cute how kids plan on how to take down the opposing team in such a serious manner.

Canvas Paint Craze

Designate one section of the house to messy-paint fun by laying down sheets on the floor and putting up a huge canvas on another side of the wall.
You can use the garage or basement for this, if you have either of the two at your disposal. You could always use the porch for this as an alternative, to have kids use the space to get downright messy.
Mix color with water, and have kids splash paint on the canvas, using their hands to then paint out whatever comes to mind. Finger painting is the funnest thing to do, being a messy and a creative way of using your hands without the need for brushes or color crayons/pencils.

Water Balloons

It will surprise you to learn about this informative fact - an inventor of English origin named Edgar Ellington was trying to create a waterproof sock made of materials of cotton and latex.
After testing the sock by pouring water into it, he noticed that it seeped through the material, not being able to hold it within itself. In frustration, he threw down this water filled sock watching it as it burst upon contact with the table's surface. That struck another idea in his mind, and thus 'water grenades' were then invented.
He went on to produce the world's first water balloons, becoming a nationwide craze among youngsters, thus turning into a huge success in the global market as time lapsed.
The best balloons to use are those that are much tougher in quality like those made of rubber, which won't burst easily when being filled. Kids can have a go at each other by filling these and targeting the opposing team in a water balloon toss. The last team standing wins.

Water Slides

Nothing beats a splashy dive into the pool when there's a slide to give you enough momentum to create a good eruption of water.
You can get all kinds of inflatable water slides that can be affixed or placed to one side of the pool, where kids can go crazy and have their way with it for say, an outdoor pool party? You can always incorporate the use of pool toys for kids to let them spend all afternoon in the pool while being a part of a myriad of interactive activities with friends.

Rain Dance

Plan a day to go for a rain dance to a place that has a bunch of overhead sprinklers with tanks that are either filled with colored water or ordinary cold water.
It's fun to get drenched with others in the same room while dancing to the spin offs from a designated music source, like from a deejay. A lot of places have these fun indoor activities planned. You could also learn how to do the 'sprinkler dance' while you're at it.
These games can be played during any time of the summer being one of those relaxing things to do, especially when taking the heat off during this season. It is good to have kids play outdoors instead of being glued to the TV.
It will keep them active and constantly on their toes, and mold their social natures when playing with friends. Experiment with other forms of using water as your medium, and you'll see that these water games can never tire kids out.