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What to do When You're Bored in Class

Rimlee Bhuyan
Being bored in class is universal. But what to do in such a scenario? Know some tricks and tips to get rid of boredom in the classroom.
Imagine listening to the monotonous drone of your teacher about some boring topic on a lazy summer afternoon. The teacher's voice gently lulls you to sleep. However, you can't sleep because you are in a classroom full of other students, and if you are caught, then there will be hell to pay.
So, what to do in such a case, when sleeping is not an option? It is a situation that many students face at some time or the other. To find a solution to this problem, here we present to you some ideas for getting rid of boredom.

Things to Do

Origami Magic

The place you could possibly sit is on the back benches, when you are simply not interested in the topic being taught by the teacher. A good way to get rid of boredom is to make different origami objects. You do not need any special supplies; a simple page out of your notebook is sufficient.
It is really easy to create objects like origami rose, crane, lilies, and other designs from a single sheet of paper.
As you are sitting on the last bench, your teacher won't know about your antics. Origami makes you focus on what you are doing, and will also improve your hand and mind coordination. After the class gets over, you can gift the origami object(s) to your friend.

Gaining Knowledge through Books

Another good way to relieve boredom is to read a novel by hiding it in between your textbook. Just prop the textbook vertically on your desk, and then place the novel inside it. Make sure that its size is not more than the textbook, and pay some attention to where the teacher is moving around in the class to avoid getting caught.
You can spend many enjoyable classes, which would otherwise bore you to tears, by simply switching off the teacher's voice in your mind, and entering the world of fiction through books.

Heights of Imagination

Now, for those unfortunate souls who are stuck on the first bench, you simply cannot be making origami objects or reading novels, right under the teacher's nose. One very good option is tune out the teacher's voice, and simply think of new and original pick-up lines.
You must have watched enough episodes of How I Met Your Mother and other such sitcoms to know which pick-up lines would work, and which are absolutely not going to work. Mentally rate all of them, and think up scenarios, where you can use them.

List of More Things to Do

Here is a list of some more things to do, when you are bored at school:
  • Make a cipher that you can use among your best friends.
  • Think of ways to annoy your elder sibling.
  • Give names to all your friends and classmates by naming them after the animal or bird they resemble the most.
  • Make a list of all the fun things you can do after class, when the lecture gets over.