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What to Wear for a Paintball Game

Sheetal Mandora
Planning to go for a paintball game with your friends? What you wear can make a huge difference on how well you enjoy the day. Let this guide help you plan a perfect game day.
Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.
- Michael Jordan
No matter how old you are, paintball is one of those sports that's fun all year round. But you can't just expect to walk into a venue and start playing. You need to be prepared with the appropriate gear and clothes to really enjoy the sport stress-free.
Safety, for yourself and others, is very important, especially while playing a sport like this. So, go through the article to familiarize yourself with what to wear for a paintball game.

Gearing Up for the Game

In order to enjoy the day to the fullest, it's essential to dress accordingly. Your attire should be durable, make you feel comfortable, and weather-appropriate. Follow these 3 simple tips, and you're ready to take the game head-on. And now, let's take a look at what your comfortable attire should be like, starting from head to toe.
Without a doubt, one of the most important pieces you'll need to wear is the mask. As the shots come your way, at an incredible speed, you'll quickly see why and how important the mask really is.
Apart from this, you can choose to wear a baseball hat, bandana, beanie, sweatband, and/or any other piece of cloth over your head. Any one of these items will absorb the sweat off your forehead, keeping your mask free of fog.
During the game, there's a good chance that the shots may hit your hands. Wearing fingerless gloves will help cushion the blow. Plus, if you sweat through your palms, it won't affect your game while holding the gun. Wear biker gloves and not the winter or latex gloves as they are too thick to play with. As an option, you can wear elbow guards as well.
Majority of the players will aim at your torso or back. So, naturally, you will want to add as many layers as you possibly can. Although this is a wonderful idea, do keep the weather in mind. Adding layers in winter is no problem. But in the summer heat, adding all those extra layers can spell disaster.
Even though you're trying to save yourself from the brutal shots, remember that you'll be running in those layers too. And if you're worried about taking the hits, you can rent padded vests for extra protection. Otherwise, you can wear a t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, twofer shirt, and/or hoodie for the game.
To complete the attire, you can wear sweatpants, jeans, or even tracksuit bottoms.
Although you'll rarely get hit on the legs, it's always smart to be prepared. Again, keeping the weather in mind, you can wear sweatpants underneath your jeans or the tracksuit bottoms.
Depending on the venue, you'll have to determine the type of footwear for the game. If the ground is muddy or wet, wear soccer shoes or hiking boots for an excellent grip. Other times, sport shoes will do the trick. Oh, and don't forget your socks.
Once all is finished and you've had a wonderful time playing the game, you will require clean, spare clothes to change into. Bring a big garbage bag to put the spoiled clothes in.
Many times, the venue itself provides jumpsuits to wear while playing paintball. So, check if the place you're headed to has this facility. This way, you won't have to get your clothes spoiled and will probably save time on the extra laundry.
Paintball is a fun and active sport, but only when certain precautions are taken. While at the venue, the game rules will be instructed to you. Be sure to follow them religiously for the sake of your safety and for others.